The following Tesla accessories are carefully selected by Tesery for Model 3 and Model Y. Please feel free to shop for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y owners.

Brake Pedal Cover

Enhance the friction of the pedal to ensure safety

Jack Pad Adapter 

Prevents damage to the chassis and battery

LED Tesla Logo Puddle Lights

Warn others to avoid accidents and help Tesla owners view roads clearly

Solve The Trouble Of Interior Maintenance

Seat Back Anti-Kick Pad

Protect the back of your car seat from being kicked!


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Central Control Side Anti-Kick Pad

Avoid scratches on both sides of the center contral


Nappa Leather Seat Covers

Upgrade your Tesla style while protecting the seats!


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Car Door Anti-kick Mat

Prevent your door from dirt and dust and keep it clean

  $19.99      $25.9    

Dog Seat Cover

Provide comfort for your pet and protect your seats


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Solve The Problem Of Hot Sun Exposure In Summer

Front Windshield Sunshade

Prevent harmful UV rays


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Door Window Sunshade

Protect you from the hot sun


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Front/Rear Roof Sunshade

Keep you cool and happy during summer driving

 $59.99   $48.94  

Starry Sky Sunshade 

Provide you with cooler and cozier driving environment


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UV Protection Car Cover

Say goodbye to insolation and frequent car washing!


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Sun Protection Mat

Effectively protect dashboard from sun damage


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Solve The Trouble Of Clutter
In Tesla

Center Console Storage Box

Makes your small items more neat and orderly


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Armrest Hidden Organizer

Hiding your secrets and protecting privacy!


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Trash Can with Trash Bags

Be away from litter, keeping your car clean! 


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MY Under Seat Organizer

Make full use of the storage space under the front seats 


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Center Console Cup holder

Stabilize your water cup and prevent shaking


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Backseat Organizer

An organizer to help you stay out of the clutter


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Recommend New Car Owners
To Buy!

All-Season Waterproof 3D Floor Mats

Keep the Tesla floor clean all year round!


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All Weather TPE Floor Mats 

Protect your Tesla floors while upgrading the interior


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Model 3 TPE Front Trunk Mat

Keep your Model 3 front trunk clean in all seasons


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MY TPE Front Trunk Mat

Effectively block liquid, snow, sand, etc.


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Rear Trunk Pet Mat

Always keep the rear trunk clean and fresh


Strengthen Door Sill Protection

Magnetic Induction LED Welcome Pedal

Make your Mode Y/3 more distingtive!


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Door Sill Protector Strip 

Help you to keep away from doorsill scratches and dirt


Stainless Steel Door Sill Bar 

Highlight the beauty; Prevent door sill from scratching 


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Relieve Driving Fatigue To Improve Driving Comfort

Car Seat Headrests

Ease pain and gives you the cushion during driving


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Lumbar Support Pillow

Reduce driving fatigue and maintain driving comfort


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Seat Belt Shoulder Pad  

Comfortably protects your shoulders and clothes 


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Camping Mattress 

Create a personal space for your sleep in the car


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Advance Protective Films For Comprehensive Protection

Anti Glare Screen Protector 

Protect your screen from scratches and keep it clean


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Model 3 Center Console Wrap 

The best protection and adding for the center console 


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TPU Tail Light Film Cover

Avoid the damage cause by corrosive substances


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TPU Headlight Film

Highlight personality and upgrade the headlight grade


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Carbon Fiber Interior Trims

Center Console Wrap Trim

Add more style and a sporty look to your center console


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Backseat Vent Cap

Prevent damage and add an advanced visual to the vent!


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Carbon Fiber Armrest Cover

A beautiful addition to your Tesla interior


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Carbon Fiber Door Panel Trim

Decorate your car door and make it more stylish


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Gear Shift Cover 

Perfect decoration and addition for your gear shifts


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Reading Light Cover

Protect the reading light from scratches, dust, and corrosion


Real Molded Dashboard Cover

Add more style or the carbon fiber look to your dashboard


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Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel

Enhance driving experience, see your road clearly!


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Carbon Fiber Exterior Decoration

T Logo Overlay Front & Rear

A perfect touch of carbon to your Tesla logos


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Side Camera Cover 

Protect the side camera and upgrade it!


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Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers

Reliable protection and full sense of sporty!


Side Door Handle cover

Use it to protect the door handle from scratches


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High Performance Spoiler

Improved the appearance and stability of the car


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M3 V Style Front Lip Spoiler 

Add a sporty look to your Model 3 front lip!


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Excellent Texture From Super car

Steering Wheel Covers

Offer the best grip and help you drive effortlessly


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Center Console Wrap

Prevent aging/make the interior more distinctive!


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Alcantara Hidden Tissue Box

You need a more durable and stylish tissue box


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Alcantara Armrest Cover

A great way to upgrade the your Tesla armrest


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Advanced Digital Products -Feel The Power Of Technology

Tesla USB Tepy C Hub 

Perfect accessory for work and business travel

Center Console Dashboard

Easier and more secure to view the car information


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Ultra Mini Screen Display

Display important vehicle information to you


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Rear Entertainment Touch Screen Display 

Multiple functions, bringing more driving pleasure


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Sight-Line Dashboard 

Display the driving speed and turn signal indication to you when driving


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Tesery Wireless Gamepad

Multiple functions, bringing more driving pleasure


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USB Glove Box Charging Hub  

Perfect for anything you want to charge quickly


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Phone Holder

Adjust best viewing angle with 360 Degree rotation 


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USB Charging Port Cover

Protect the USB charging socket to extend its life


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Mosquito/Debris Prevention 

Radiator Protective Cover

Prevent the insects & debris from hitting the radiator


MY Air Intake Vent Cover 

Keep the HVAC system away from mosquitoes, leaves, etc. 


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MY Backseat Air Vent Cover 

Block tiny debris and prevent clogging 


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MY Mud Flaps 

Protect Model Y under any road conditions


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Small Items, Big Functions

Chenille Car Wash Gloves

With super soft, you can wipe the car easily without scratches/swirls


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Sunglasses Storage Box 

Fix it behind the central control screen - easily touch when driving


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Air vent Aromath Decoration

Relieve fatigue during driving, and make you relaxed and happy


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Non-Slip Key Card Cover 

Provide your key card with personality and super protection


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Vacuum Cleaner Inflator 

Designed for cleaning small dirty places - make cleaning easier 


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Functional Portable Tray

Providing a convenien place for notebook, grocery food, drinks


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