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Tesla's Unveiling of FSD V12: A Glimpse into the Future of Artificial Intelligence

by Lucky LI on Sep 12, 2023

In a recent TIME article adapted from his forthcoming book on Elon Musk, Walter Isaacson provides us with a rare peek into the groundbreaking strides that Tesla is taking in the field of artificial intelligence. Elon Musk's visionary ambitions have consistently set him apart in the tech industry, and Isaacson's insights reveal intriguing details, such as Musk's initial intent to merge Tesla with OpenAI.

While the merger idea did not materialize, Musk's unwavering vision led him to support rival AI teams, resulting in the birth of a series of groundbreaking projects. One of the most astonishing aspects of Tesla's AI endeavors is the staggering scale of data being harnessed. Tesla vehicles send back an astounding "160 billion frames per day of video" capturing humans in diverse real-world situations.

Musk emphasized, "Tesla's real-world AI is underrated," underlining the company's competitive edge in the AI race. He posed an intriguing challenge: "Imagine if Tesla and OpenAI had to swap tasks... Who would come out on top? We would."

FSD V12: More than Just Code

The live stream of Full Self-Driving version 12, shared directly from Musk's phone to the world, garnered over 45 million views. This wasn't just an ordinary software upgrade; it offered a glimpse into a future where technology begins to mimic human intelligence and seamlessly integrates with it, all thanks to the power of neural networks.

This technological evolution represents a significant departure from Tesla's previous trajectory. Musk revealed that they had discarded over 300,000 lines of hard-coded programming from the car's neural networks to make room for innovation. FSD V12's effectiveness became evident as it smoothly navigated construction zones, speed bumps, roundabouts, and traffic with a level of ease unprecedented in previous public releases. Musk captured this transition aptly with his exclamation, "This is all nets, baby, nothing but net."

Real-World Challenges & AI Nuances

However, Tesla's AI progress isn't solely about making the car drive; it's about making it drive like a human, complete with all the nuances that human driving entails. Musk demonstrated how the FSD V12 is designed to observe, learn, and replicate the best aspects of human driving behavior, from avoiding abrupt jerks to smoothly transitioning between different traffic conditions. Nevertheless, this also highlights the challenges of programming AI for real-world scenarios. As Musk explained, the sparse data on drivers coming to complete stops at stop signs presents a significant obstacle. With fewer than 0.5% of drivers fully adhering to this rule, it serves as a stark reminder that AI is navigating a world where humans of