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Camping with Tesla: A Journey to Remember

by LILucky on Jun 15, 2023

Imagine your perfect camping trip - starlit skies, campfire stories, the serenity of the great outdoors, all enjoyed in the comfort of your Tesla. Welcome to, where we bring you the best Tesla accessories to elevate your camping experience into a journey to remember.

Embracing the Outdoors with Tesla's Camp Mode

Tesla's Camp Mode is an exciting feature for camping enthusiasts. This function allows you to maintain airflow, temperature, interior lighting, play music, and power devices, making your Tesla a comfortable sanctuary in the wilderness.

Must-Have Accessories

Camping with your Tesla is an adventure like no other, and we at Tesery offer the perfect accessories to complement your journey.

  • Tesla All-Weather Cargo Mats: Protect the interior of your Tesla from the wear and tear of camping gear with these durable mats. Easy to clean and install, they are the perfect first line of defense against dirt and damage.

  • Tesla Cooler: Keep your food and drinks chilled throughout your camping trip with our Tesla Cooler. Designed to fit perfectly in your Tesla, this cooler optimizes space while delivering exceptional cooling performance.