Aftermarket Instrument Cluster Fix Tesla Model 3 & Model Y Missing Issue
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Aftermarket Instrument Cluster Fix Tesla Model 3 & Model Y Missing Issue

by JULIET YU on Mar 23, 2022

Tesla EVs are decidedly modern in appearance and interior. And in many places, Tesla has made bold innovations compared to traditional gasoline vehicles and equipped it with leading-edge technology, making it the most advanced eclectic car that grabs the attention of people to buy its vehicles. Tesla has a large sales volume in the global market and ranks first among new energy vehicles,especially Model3 and Model Y.

Missing from Tesla Model 3 - Eliminates the Instrument Panel

As it says, nothing in the world is perfect. There is a lot of feedback from the market, Tesla Model 3 & Model Y are eliminate the traditional center dashboard display, leaving only a large display that makes it painful for the driver. Viewing information while driving, and experience of the cental display isn't that perfect, since Tesla vehicles don't support Carplay and Android Auto, they still need a smartphone mount for navigation, but it's still not convenient enough.

Tesla's Issue - Turning Off While Driving

Tesla cars are pretty prone to bugs and issues considering that much of Tesla’s features hang off software.After all, the vehicles are constantly updated with new features and random improvements – almost like they’re all a part of a massive beta program.And now, there are several reports saying that the instrument clusters on various Tesla models are dangerously turning off while driving.

Aftermarket Accessories Fixes the Issue

So Tesery has developed a better heads-up display that integrates Carplay and Android Auto to help end-users with these pains and provide them with a safe and fun driving experience. With Carplay and Android Auto, the navigation system can be displayed on the front dashboard. Dual dashboard display look more luxurious and advanced in your cockpit. Even if the central display suddenly crashes during driving, the instrument panel can display the status information of the car normally, that can provide safe driving.

Tesery Instrument Panel Overview(Impressive Features)

  1. Perfect as OEM

Fixed on the air outlet like original accessories, no damage to the interior. (Day and night mood is synchronized with the central display).

  1. Provides a better view

Unlike other 10-inch instrument panels, the field of view is blocked by - the steering wheel. The 9-inch screen provided by Tesery, 1920*720 high-definition resolution, IPS display, ultra-thin bezels (about 6mm spacing), and high screen ratio provide better viewing angles. The brightness of 600nits can be seen clearly in sunlight.

  1. Display information

  • Driving speed/Overspeed warning
  • Turn signal lights
  • Headlights
  • Time/gear/battery capacity
  • Seat belt reminder
  • Temperature reminder
  • Daytime mood/nighttime mood display
  • Brightness is adjusted in sync with the large central screen
  • Customizable user interface
  • Function display can be customized
  1. Quick Start

The Linux operating system boots up quickly in seconds, unlike Android which is slower to boot. Synchronize the raw data to the head-up display and display the information normally. Works fine even when the Tesla monitor is black or the system crashes.

  1. Drive Safely

Taking into account traditional driving habits, head-up displays help reduce the risk of drivers turning their heads to look at the information on the dashboard while driving.

  1. Simple installation

It is easy to install, does not damage the structure, and increases the value of the original car. Improve driving safety and increase driving pleasure.

  1. Various operations

  • Support touch control, slide up and down on the touch panel to freely switch between different states, fast;
  • Check the most important information (light and gear information, safety distance information, door information, tire pressure information);Other states can be customized in OEM.
  • The steering wheel is perfectly matched;
  • Voice control supports Carplay and third-party apps.
  1. Carpaly & Carlife

  • Supports wireless CarPlay connection (IOS), wireless CarLife connection (Android Auto);
  • Support for other apps on your iPhone - such as your favorite audio, messaging, and voice apps, as well as apps on your iPhone such as apps for third-party parking, electric vehicle charging, and quick food ordering. Easily connect to your Android smartphone and get your favorite APP in the Android car list;
  • Apps developed by car manufacturers are also supported, so you can control more. You can personalize your experience by rearranging exactly how your apps appear in CarPlay through the settings on your phone.
  1. Multiple experiences

  • Enjoy all your favorite audio via Spotify, iHeart Radio, Podcasts, and even DAB+ digital radio, offering a wide range of digital radio stations;
  • Experience precise navigation. Voice control works seamlessly with this feature, allowing you to dictate your destination and start driving;
  • Built-in Bluetooth enables wireless connection of mobile phones for convenient and secure hands-free calling and audio streaming;
  • Secure hands-free calling and audio communication. Additionally, you can use voice control through the built-in or wired microphone.
  1. Support upgrade

Some instrument panel on the market do not support the OTA upgrade function, and the Tesla OTA upgrade may cause the dashboard to stop working; Tesery's Instrument panel 9-inch supports OTA upgrade, and through a USB firmware to maintains the latest state of the device .

  1. Support left and right rudder driving

Both left-hand drive (US) and right-hand drive cockpits (UK) are supported, with special support for dual gauge installations for racers.

How to Operate the Instrument Panel?

How to Install Instrument Panel?

Display Show




You can view the installation video below:

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