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Unleashing the Power: Plaid Track Mode Takes Model S Plaid to the Racetrack!

by LILucky on Jul 01, 2023

Since the introduction of Track Mode on the Model 3 Performance in 2018, Tesla has been pushing the boundaries of performance and control on the track. Now, the excitement continues as Plaid Track Mode makes its way to Model S Plaid vehicles across North America. Designed to deliver the quickest lap times and give drivers more authority over vehicle control, Plaid Track Mode takes full advantage of Tesla's tri-motor platform and over 1,000 horsepower. Let's dive into the incredible features that make Plaid Track Mode an exhilarating experience.

1. Optimized Powertrain Cooling: Track driving generates intense heat in various components. To ensure maximum track endurance, Plaid Track Mode actively manages the temperature of the battery pack and motors. By creating a significant amount of chilled thermal mass and maintaining lower temperatures, the system stays cooler for longer. This results in better overall performance, improved regenerative braking power, and enhanced driver control with a single pedal.

2. Lateral Torque Vectoring: Plaid Track Mode builds upon the foundation of Model 3 Track Mode by harnessing the power of the front and rear motors. The dual rear motors in Model S Plaid enable full lateral torque vectoring, enhancing the car's agility and control during cornering. The torque split across the rear wheels is automatically adjusted, providing a torque bias that improves turn-in response, steering feel, and yaw control throughout corners. This technology enables faster turn-in, increased cornering speeds, and impressive acceleration on corner exit.

3. Adjustable Vehicle Dynamics: In normal road driving, Tesla's stability control systems prioritize safety by limiting tire slippage and maximizing grip. However, in Plaid Track Mode, the stability controls switch to a race tuning that offers maximum control over the car's lateral movement. Tesla's Vehicle Dynamics Controller (VDC) evaluates the driver's inputs and permits controlled tire slippage while adjusting torque split. This gives the driver even more authority and agility during high-speed cornering. Advanced users can further customize the handling balance, stability assist, and regenerative braking based on their skill level and preferences.

4. Adaptive Suspension Damping: To optimize track handling, Plaid Track Mode enhances the adaptive suspension damping. It reduces pitch during hard braking and fast acceleration, improves responsiveness, and settles the vehicle faster over bumpy segments for increased driver confidence. The suspension's ride height is set to Low on drive-off, maintaining a sporty stance. Additionally, a track-focused user interface provides critical performance data, including vehicle thermals, lap timer, G-meter, dashcam video capture, and vehicle telemetry.

With Plaid Track Mode, Tesla has once again raised the bar for track performance. Model S Plaid delivers remarkable speed and control on the racetrack, thanks to its advanced features and adaptability. As Tesla continues to enhance Plaid Track Mode through over-the-air updates, drivers can look forward to an even more exhilarating and customizable track experience. For those seeking the ultimate track setup, the Model S Plaid Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit and Model 3 Track Package are highly recommended.

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