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Uncover the True Face of the Tesla Sunshade!

by Tesery Tesla on Jan 19, 2022

Today, let's uncover the true face of the Tesla sunshade! In order to avoid getting sunburned by the sun, people will take a series of protective measures, such as applying sunscreen, wearing ice sleeves, etc.. And the same is true of cars, exposure to the sun will also cause damage, so protection is also required. There are also many devices on the market that block sunlight for cars, such as car sun sunshade. Can it protect the car to a certain extent? Traditional Tesla sunshade, while blocking sunlight, take up most of the driver's field of vision. With the development of science and technology, there have been some upgraded Tesla sunshade, which can block the sunlight without blocking the line of sight. In this blog, the blogger will introduce several practical Tesla sunshades starting from the definition, necessity and types of sunshades.

What Is A Sun Sunshade?

A car sun sunshade a kind a car accessory that is installed on the driver's roof, side window or front windshield to prevent the glare of the sun. It is thought to be one of the must-have Tesla accessories. The Tesla sunshade of the car has a certain effect on the protection of the car. It reflects the absorbed sunlight, prevents the sunlight from directly shining into the car, and has a certain temperature control effect in the car. Especially for the center console and steering wheel made of plastic, it has a greater effect, because plastic items can easily accelerate their aging when they are exposed to the sun. In addition, the Tesla sunshade also plays a role in protecting privacy  for Tesla owners. Others cannot see the inside of the car through the window, which has a certain safety effect.

Tesla sunshade

Is It Necessary to Buy A Tesla Sunshade?

A Tesla sunshade is very necessary! It has a certain protective effect on the vehicle, prolongs the service life of various parts in the car, and also helps to protect our eyes from direct sunlight or car lights. However, using a Tesla sunshade only plays a role for a certain period of time, and cannot completely block all the sunlight. Therefore, it is recommended not to expose the vehicle to the sun for a long time. If you need to park for a long time, try to choose a shady place or an indoor parking lot.

Types of Sunroof Sunshades

The sunroof sunshade can be divided into three types according to the position: front windshield sunshade, side window sunshade and sunroof sunshade. The blogger will next recommend some Tesla sun shades for Tesla owners based on different locations.

 1. Front Windshield:

Tesla sunshade

This Tesla Model Y windshield sun shade features top UV silver coating and fabric material with 2 layers of sun protection to effectively protect the car interior from heat damaging UV rays and sun rays. It is listed as one of the must-have accessories for Tesla in 2021. Especially in summer, it will definitely play an important role in blocking the sun for you and your family. Its cooling effect is also relatively obvious, which can effectively reduce the indoor temperature by up to 40°and block up to 99% of incident sunlight and ultraviolet rays. It keeps your vehicle seat cool and provides you with a comfortable driving environment.

  • Windshield Sun Shade Umbrella for Tesla Model 3/Model Y/Model X/Model S

Tesla sunshade

Unlike other Tesla sunshade, the umbrella-shaped design of this side window sun shade makes it easy to open and fold away and takes up less storage space. Perfect for your car windshield! It is made for Tesla Model 3/Model Y/Model X/Model S specific vehicles, 100% fit to the windshield size. There are no gaps for maximum coverage, providing a perfect protection of the dashboard and interior from the dashboard and interior faded and cracked from sun exposure. Most importantly, it will give you a cool driving environment. The windshield umbrella is made of high-density NC cloth, coated with titanium silver glue, and the sun protection level reaches UPF50+, which can effectively reflect the sun. The high-hardness steel structure ensures stable support and long-term use.

 2. Side Window:

Tesla sunshade

This Tesla Model Y sunshades is a top-of-the-line Tesla sunshade. It protects you and your car interior from sunlight from the side windows and makes driving cozier. The Model Y sunshade net lowers the interior temperature by blocking two-thirds of the sun's heat load, reducing heat transfer into the car. It is able to make your car more pleasant and comfortable in summer. No matter where you want to camp or travel, this black material is fully guaranteed to provide you with great privacy!

3. Sunroof:

Tesla sunshade

Made of high-quality materials, this Tesla Model Y sunshades will last for years under normal use. It is made of multiple layers of high-quality polyester fibers. The dense mesh has a better shielding effect on the sun, can effectively prevent sun exposure and resist ultraviolet rays. If it is not used to block the sun in summer, the air conditioner will consume more electricity and affect the cruising range of electric vehicles.

Tesla sunshade

This glass-roofed Tesla Model 3 sunshade provides some protection to the car by absorbing reflected sunlight and preventing direct sunlight from hitting the car. And it has a cooling effect on the inside of the car, especially the plastic center console and steering wheel, because plastic items are easy to accelerate aging in the sun. Featuring a lightweight mesh fabric and collapsible rigid frame, this Model 3 sunshade further reduces heat transfer to the cabin by blocking two-thirds of the solar heat load. It can prevent sunlight from directly entering the car and has a thermal insulation effect. This Model 3 sunshade reflects sunlight from inside the car and blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays. It keeps you cool and comfortable when you get back in the car.

So Are There Other Ways to Cool Down?

Cooling tips:

  • When parking a car in an open-air parking lot, turning the front of the car away from the sun can effectively reduce the temperature inside the car.
  • Before getting on the bus in summer, open the doors and windows and wait for two or three minutes to exhaust the hot air before starting the vehicle.
  • When the temperature inside the car is higher than the temperature outside the car, use the outer circulation; when the temperature inside the car is lower than the temperature outside the car, use the inner circulation.
  • When the air conditioner is turned on, the air outlet is upward, and the cold air will automatically sink.
  • Turn off the air conditioner before arriving at the destination, which can reduce the fuel consumption and avoid the odor of the air conditioner.

It is recommended that Tesla owners do not expose their vehicles to the sun for a long time. If you need to park for a long time, try to choose a shady place or an indoor parking lot. In this blog, the blogger introduced several practical Tesla sunshades starting from the definition, necessity and types of sunshades. Hope that it will help you!


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