Tesla's First Store in Inner Mongolia Settled in Hohhot to Accelerate Development

Tesla's First Store in Inner Mongolia Settled in Hohhot to Accelerate Development

by Nina Abby on Jun 09, 2022

On June 8, 2022, the first Tesla store in Inner Mongolia, the Tesla center on Haixi Road, Hohhot, was officially opened. It can provide consumers in Hohhot and surrounding areas with new car delivery, new car inspection, insurance consulting, temporary license handling, vehicle maintenance and other services, bringing a unified high-level global service. The new store is located near Haixi road and Bayannur Road, Huimin District, Hohhot City, with convenient transportation and complete surrounding facilities. This is Tesla's first store in Inner Mongolia. 

Ma Li, head of Tesla China North Region, said that the Tesla Center in Hohhot is an important starting point for Tesla to develop a service network in Inner Mongolia. The concept of environmental protection continues to spread. In addition to the opening of stores, Tesla will also continue to increase the expansion of its charging network in Inner Mongolia to facilitate more car owners to travel across cities and to facilitate car owners to charge. With the continuous improvement of Tesla's new energy vehicle charging infrastructure in Inner Mongolia , will further stimulate the potential of the market.

  • Settled in Inner Mongolia for the first time, rapidly expanding service and charging network

As an important central city in the northern border areas of my country and the capital of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Hohhot has gradually entered the "fast lane" for the development of the new energy vehicle market, which has also promoted the "acceleration" of the new energy vehicle industry in Inner Mongolia.

In the "Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region's List of Policies for Adhering to Stability and Progress in 2022 to Promote High-Quality Development of the Industry", a number of policies are proposed to support the development of the new energy vehicle industry, such as arranging 200 million yuan of special bonds to support new energy charging stations (piles) and hydrogen refueling. Station construction, new large-scale public building parking lot charging spaces must account for more than 15%, charging facilities in multiple high-speed service areas should not be more than 100 kilometers apart, ensure that the charging piles are in good condition and the availability rate is not less than 95%, and 100% of new residential areas are constructed. Charging facilities or reserved installation conditions, etc.

Advances in new energy vehicle technology and favorable policies have led to a rapid growth in the consumption of new energy vehicles in Inner Mongolia. The survey results of the Inner Mongolia Local Bureau of Statistics show that among 24.1% of the respondents who have not yet purchased a car, 82.5% of consumers will choose to buy a new energy vehicle when buying a car, and consumers' willingness to buy is constantly increasing.


Tesla's first store in Inner Mongolia will undoubtedly give consumers a shot in the arm. Backed by an efficient and transparent direct sales model, Tesla can provide users with a variety of options such as remote diagnosis, offline maintenance, and mobile door-to-door services. With 400 customer service as a link, it covers a variety of service scenarios and brings users the best solution. scheme to greatly improve service efficiency. As of June 2022, the online resolution rate of Tesla's problems will reach a maximum of 97%, and the 3-second answer rate of 400 customer service customers will reach a maximum of 93%. The one-time repair rate is up to 98%, and the customer feedback satisfaction rate is up to 99%.

Not only has it fallen a key role in the service network in Inner Mongolia, but Tesla also attaches great importance to the construction of supporting infrastructure. Up to now, Tesla has built 7 super charging stations, 47 super charging piles, 13 destination charging stations and 23 destination charging piles in Inner Mongolia, covering Hohhot, Baotou, Ordos, Wuhai, Chifeng, Tongliao , Ulanqab, Bayannaoer, Hulunbuir, Hinggan League Ulanhot and other cities. The boundless wilderness of Hulunbuir grassland, the starry sky of Xiangshawan, the magnificent Danxia landform of Dahongshan, traditional Mongolian food and black seafood fish... Whether residents of Inner Mongolia or car owners who come to Mongolia, they can travel on the green route without fear of mileage anxiety and enjoy the style of Inner Mongolia.

  • Popular models appear in stores, and the "three electric" system is safer and more efficient

Tesla's star models, which are highly favored by users at home and abroad, have also been unveiled at the Tesla Center in Hohhot. Among them, Model 3, as the model leading the sales list of new energy vehicles in China, has a high-tech atmosphere, and has reached excellent standards in appearance, interior, comfort and energy efficiency, especially in terms of convenience and comfort. Model Y is a high-performance, fully-intelligent mid-size SUV that takes into account large space and super performance. It can be called "the first choice for smart family vehicles in the new era", allowing consumers to come and go at any time and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Inner Mongolia.


At the same time, all Tesla models also come standard with the highest safety standards, and have obtained 5-star safety ratings from many authoritative safety evaluation agencies in the United States, Europe, and Australia. In terms of active safety, data from the "Tesla Global 2021 Impact Report" shows that in 2021, Tesla vehicles that use Autopilot to automatically drive are 8 times less likely to be involved in an accident than all cars in the United States.

In terms of battery safety, which has attracted much attention, Tesla has broken the pain points for consumers with the innovation of "three electrics" and brought higher efficiency. Efficient and safe cylindrical cell design, sensitive and accurate battery management system (BMS), etc. improve battery safety, performance and efficiency from both hardware and software aspects.

Tesla's sustainable philosophy is also implemented in the design, manufacture and application of batteries. Tesla does everything it can to extend the lifespan of each battery pack before it is scrapped and recycled, and as engineers develop new methods, over-the-air software upgrades are pushed to Tesla vehicles to improve battery efficiency and extend battery life. After recycling Tesla batteries, more than 92% of the materials can be reused after recycling, minimizing resource loss and environmental hazards.

  • After the batteries recovered by Tesla are recycled, more than 92% of the recycled materials are reused

The concept of environmental protection runs through Tesla's corporate DNA. The "Tesla 2021 Impact Report" report shows that in 2021, Tesla has saved a total of 8.4 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, which is equivalent to the emission reduction of more than 3,400 acres of forests in one year. Among them, more than 500,000 Chinese Tesla owners have accumulated a mileage of more than 11 billion kilometers, which is equivalent to 280,000 circles around the earth, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 2.54 million tons, and planting about 5.08 million hectares of forest on the earth.


"With the strong support and promotion of the government, Inner Mongolia has become a hot spot for the development of new energy vehicles," said Wu Wanhai, head of Tesla's North China service. According to the " ‘14th Five-Year Plan’ Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Comprehensive Work Implementation Plan of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region” published on the website of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on June 6, by 2025, the production capacity of new energy vehicles in Inner Mongolia will reach 100,000, and the capacity utilization rate of new energy vehicles will reach 100,000. increased to more than 40%. In the context of the "dual carbon" goal, Inner Mongolia's new energy vehicle market is showing great potential.

"In the ninth year of Tesla's entry into the Chinese market, it is a great honor to take a milestone and important step in Inner Mongolia, a market full of potential and vitality. We hope that through Tesla's efficient direct sales model and innovative and perfect services The system responds to the service needs of car owners with the fastest speed and highest efficiency, and establishes a local car service benchmark." Wu Wanhai said.


With the opening of the Tesla Center on Haixi Road, Hohhot, Tesla will be based in the provincial capital, and the environmental protection concept of "energy saving and carbon reduction" will be passed on to more consumers in Inner Mongolia. In July this year, the Tesla Hohhot Moore City Experience Store will also be completed. , to meet the needs of local consumers for car viewing and test driving. The new store will continue to help Tesla expand its local business while accelerating the popularization of local new energy vehicles to jointly protect the green and fertile fields of Inner Mongolia.


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