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Tesla Model X Carbon Fiber Custom Steering Wheel - Best Steering Wheel

by LILucky on Dec 12, 2022

Are you still worried about these issues: 1. The original steering wheel of the Tesla Model X is too mediocre and has no highlights. 2. The steering wheel is the most frequently contacted part of the car owner. Over time, it is easy to get dirty and old, which will lower the grade of the special Model X interior. 3. When the palms of the hands sweat during the driving process, it is easy to cause slippage and accidents. In the daily driving process, there are always some problems that affect our driving experience. No matter in terms of appearance, safety and hand feel, this custom steering wheel is exactly what you want!


Note that this custom steering wheel is only available on the 2022 Model X. When purchasing, please check the model and year carefully. The steering wheel has a heating function, but this function can be retained or canceled. In this regard, our website page is provided with an option button, if you want to buy a steering wheel with heating function, please select "Yes"; on the contrary, if you want to buy a steering wheel without heating function, please select "No". If there is a heating function in the original direction, and you want to keep this function, please note when placing an order. In addition, we have many other styles of steering wheels, and we accept different degrees of customization. If you have a need for a customized steering wheel, you can contact our customer service and we will serve you 1 to 1.

What are the highlights of TESERY Tesla Model X custom steering wheel?


1)The upper and lower parts of the steering wheel are all black leather, and the left and right parts are black perforated leather. 

The leather material of the upper and lower parts is scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, and also has the characteristics of high strength, high elasticity and long service life. It is a standard material for various automotive interior accessories. The classic black elements are paired with high-grade leather, which is deep and elegant. After installing this steering wheel, the interior grade will be upgraded instantly. Moreover, the surface of the leather has been processed by a special process, which is soft and delicate, non-stick fingerprints, non-slip, and very comfortable to hold. Next, we turn our attention to the sides of the steering wheel. Both sides of the steering wheel are made of high-quality perforated leather material, which is environmentally friendly and has no peculiar smell, and has the characteristics of stronger sweat absorption, slip resistance and ventilation, making it more popular among top people. Note that the connection between different materials is very natural, not obtrusive, but complements each other, making this steering wheel more personalized.

2)Tight stitches sewn with precision by hand

About the black stitching on both sides of the steering wheel. These are precision stitched by hand with tight stitching. They are neat and beautiful, and every distance is accurate and consistent. The steering wheel is ergonomically made into a suitable hand position, which is very comfortable to hold and plays a very good role in power assistance. It is not tiring to drive for a long time.

3)The TESERY steering wheel adopts a "D-shaped" or "flat-bottomed" shape

In terms of shape, different from the traditional round steering wheel, this steering wheel adopts a "D-shaped" or "flat bottom" shape. Generally speaking, the arc below the steering wheel of high-end sports cars is usually set to a flat-bottomed shape, and this type of steering wheel is called a "flat-bottom steering wheel" or "D-shaped steering wheel". And the "flat-bottomed" steering wheel has become a "sport" representative. Since professional racing cars basically use flat-bottom steering wheels, people will unconsciously associate the flat-bottom steering wheel with elements such as dynamic and speed. Therefore, more and more new cars that emphasize "young" and "sports" gradually begin to D-shaped steering wheel. Such a design can not only increase the space for the driver's legs and facilitate the driver to get on and off the vehicle, but also give a sporty, stylish and individual visual effect.

4)The production process enhances the performance of the vehicle in every way

1)Next is about the production process. This custom carbon fiber steering wheel is meticulously crafted with foam technology, making it lighter, softer and more tactile. This production process improves the performance of the vehicle from all aspects. Strong, durable, and stable performance are the advantages of foamed reverse discs. At present, most steering wheels on the market are foam steering wheels. As a mature production process, foam steering wheel has now become the mainstream of the market.

2)All in all, this custom carbon fiber steering wheel not only solves the problem of safety and durability, but also enhances the sporty feel of the Tesla interior, which greatly enhances the driving experience and fun.

If you like our Tesla Model X Carbon Fiber Custom Steering Wheel-Model X, please add it to your cart, buy it now and we will ship it to any city in the world for free. If you have any questions about our Tesla Model X Carbon Fiber Custom Steering Wheel-Model X, you can contact our online customer service, or send us an email

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