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Tesla Has Become One of The 20 Most Valuable Brands in The World

by Tesery Tesla on Dec 15, 2021

In the development of an enterprise, brand building is a very important task. At the same time, the value reflected behind the brand is also an intangible wealth. The 2021 brand value soaring list is released, and The high-profile Tesla appears at the top of the list. It is the fastest-growing brand in 2021. Its brand value has increased by as much as 184%. Tesla's growth rate is 5 times that of No. 2. Tesla has become one of the 20 most valuable brands in the world, which is an epic feat for Tesla; it is also of great significance to the automobile manufacturing industry. According to an article published by Trading Platforms, Tesla's brand value soared by 184% year-on-year in 2021, about 5 times the 37% growth rate of the second-ranked Salesforce brand.

Tesla's brand value has been soaring rapidly in recent years, achieving triple-digit growth in 2021. Now, Tesla's brand value has reached 36.27 billion U.S. dollars.
At present, Tesla's business involved in addition to automobile manufacturing, as well as battery manufacturing and recycling, software development, large-scale commercial energy storage equipment research and development and manufacturing, household energy storage system research and development and manufacturing, global charging network operators, humanoid robot research and development companies ...If you want to subdivide, you can split Tesla into dozens of high-tech companies. In addition, Tesla also has countless peripheral companies such as the space exploration technology company SpaceX and the brain-computer company Neuralink to provide technical support. These brother companies are also one of the reasons for the soaring value of Tesla's brand.

The value of Tesla, in fact, is far higher than the value represented by these tangible teams and assets. Tesla is changing people’s definition of the value of companies in all industries and the current operation of finance. In the past, people defined the value of a company based on cash flow, but now it is more based on them and Tesla and other Musk companies. The proximity. This is the real strength of Musk and Tesla, they are becoming the new value standard!


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