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How about the Tesla Key Card Holder?

by Lucky LI on Dec 22, 2022

Tesla owners know that the original Tesla key works very well, but because it is a card, it is very easy to scratch and affect the appearance, and it is easy to lose. Now Tesery offers a key card holder for Tesla Model 3/S/X/Y , which is tailored to the size of the original key, fits well with the key card and is easy to install. With this key card holder, it is very convenient to put your home keys and Tesla key card together and protect your card from scratches.


What is unique about TESERY Tesla Silicon Key Card Holder?


1)Card key design is unique, simple and elegant, beautiful and exquisite. The skeleton design on the back fully demonstrates the value of Tesery. It’s very lightweight and easy to carry, the package is include an acrylic chain ,it make the car holder more beautiful.You just need to pass it into this hole,and then you can hang it on your bag.It’s easy to install and take out your card. It will be very good for valet usage.

2)The full-wrap key card design strengthens the protection of the card and avoids bending. After installation, the signal of the card is not affected. The signal is smooth and there is no obstacle to transmission with the car.

3)It is made of dirt and dust resistant silicone , which serves as a cold and heat resistant. The texture of the silicone is smooth and comfortable, easy to clean. It has good toughness and elasticity to prevent deformation due to squeezing. This key protector helps avoid scratching your center console, and it has a grippy exterior so the card won't slide around on the smooth center console.

Overall, this key card holder is a great accessory to buy, it is very valuable and easy to install!

Key Benefits of TESERY Tesla Silicone Key Card Holder:

1)The key card holder is designed for Tesla key cards. Provides full-coverage protection for your keycard while retaining maximum OEM style.

2)Lightweight design, with acrylic chain, very convenient to carry. It can be hung on the wallet or backpack to prevent loss.

3)The surface is special soft paint, soft to the touch, and easy to clean.

4)This Tesla key holder is made of industrial-grade silicone material, which is heat and cold-resistant. The key card sleeve has strong toughness and elasticity, and will not be deformed by force. It can effectively prevent your key card from being scratched.

5)The card case has a clear acrylic front panel, maximum retention of OEM key card design.

If you like our Tesla Key Card Holder -Model 3/Y/S/X, please add it to your cart, buy it now and we will ship it to any city in the world for free. If you have any questions about our Tesla Key Card Holder -Model 3/Y/S/X, you can contact our online customer service, or send us an email 

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