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Best Model Y Sunshade Accessories to Keep Your Car Cool!

by Tesery Tesla on Sep 24, 2021

Tesery has the best Model Y sunshade accessories to keep your summer cool!

I believe that many car fans will hesitate between the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. In terms of appearance, there is not much difference between the two cars at first glance. The exterior styling of Model Y continues to use the family-style design language. Model Y is like a longer and enlarged version of Model 3. Model 3 looks more refined and elegant in comparison, while Model Y appears to be a lot more stable. In terms of sunroof, Model Y holds a panoramic sunroof, and Model 3 has a partitioned sunroof. Due to the difference in the sunroof of models, Model Y naturally has a more intuitive view.

Unique Panoramic Sunroof

The panoramic sunroof of Tesla's Model Y, a compact SUV, is the biggest highlight of this model. It is unique. Because Model Y has a wider glass roof, and it cancels the design of the central beam. A double-layer laminated glass frame that can support the weight of two adult African elephants, is placed on two non-parallel rails on the roof to become a true panoramic glass. Therefore, it is expected to have a better vision than X, S and 3. This design makes the unique panoramic sunroof. In addition, it can provide more than four times the weight of the car with high protection, while ensuring the safety of the occupants. And it also expands the space in the car, therefore you can see the magnificent scenery when you look up. Very cool.

However, here comes some concerns about the panoramic sunroof: 1. the roof is full of glass, which seems not safe; 2. the privacy of such a large panoramic sunroof is all to be seen; 3. the interior of the car is too sunny, especially in summer, the rear passengers even need to shade umbrella. Don't worry, we have best Tesla Model Y sunshade accessories to relieve your worries.

Excellent Tesery Sunshade Accessories

All these Model Y sunshade accessories are from Tesesy. We adhere to the principle that providing the best products and services to our customers. Moreover, we carefully choose ranking quality material to make the sunshade accessories, which will play important role in protecting you from sun exposure. If you want to protect your privacy and keep you car cool in hot summer, keep looking down!

1. Sunshade Roof Panoramic Sunroof Sunshade for Tesla Model Y Accessories 2020/2021

Best Model Y Sunshade

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Excellent craftsmen made the sunshade part with multiple layers of high-quality polyester fiber. Such a dense network structure has a better shading effect on sunlight, and can effectively prevent sun exposure and resist ultraviolet rays. If not using it to block the sun in summer, the air conditioner will consume more power and affect the continuous mileage of electric vehicles.

The sunshade is convenient to install and remove. You can install it inside the glass roof using the attached clip. Usually they have a long lifetime for several years.

2. Sunshade Roof Sunroof Shade for Tesla Model Y 2020 2021

Best Model Y Sunshade

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This sunroof shade is customized for Tesla Model Y glass sunroof. The sunroof sun blinds can protect your parts from exposure and prevent your family or friends from exposure. It works well in blocking part of the sun, isolating ultraviolet rays and high-temperature exposure, as well as keeping the car interior cool.

Thanks to the topping mesh material, the sunshade will no longer become a gathering place for sunlight and heat, and will completely cover the windows without leaving any gaps.

Moreover, our sunroof shade is easy to carry and fold by using our matching storage bag. It is very convenient whether it is placed in the front and rear trunks or on the seat of the car.

3. Glass Roof Sunshade Sunroof Rear Window Sunshade for Tesla Model 3 2021

Best Model Y Sunshade

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This glass roof sunshade has a heat insulation effect. So it can strongly absorb the sunlight reflected out, to prevent direct sunlight to the car. And it has a great cooling effect on the interior of the car, especially for the plastic center console and steering wheel. This situation helps to delay their aging.

Manufactures already test them on the model 3 many times, to make sure the size is correct. Comes with skylight reflective covers, which you can use to block more sunlight. And you can just remove the two skylight reflective covers if you want to see the views outside. It works great since it is intended to be a shade against sunlight and a heat insulator.

4. Front Windshield Sunshade for Tesla Model 3/Model Y

Model Y Sunshade

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This front windshield sunshade fits for the front sunshield of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y 2020. With quality UV silver coating and black breathable fabric material, 2-layer double protection to prevent your interior from the heat damaging UV rays and the sun's rays by using our windshield shade.

This Tesery version front windshield sunshade can meet the maximization effect during using. It can effectively reduce Interior temperature up to 40°, block up to 99% of incoming solar light and UV rays. It is good helper to keep car inside cooler under the heat. And It is easy to install and remove without using any instruction.

People tend to treat it as one of the must-have Tesla accessories in 2021. Especially in summer, it will definitely play an important role in blocking sunlight for you and your families.

5. Car sun shade Side window Curtain Telescopic Anti-UV for Tesla Model 3 Model Y 2020

Best Model Y Sunshade

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Tesery designed this car sun shade with the best shade and privacy protection function for those who need it. The black mesh material does well in fully protecting your secrecy and privacy.

Sunshade net can help to reduce car interior temperature by reducing heat transmission into the cabin by blocking two-thirds of solar thermal load. Users can easily remove and install it. The foldable frame is made of strong and durable manganese steel, thus getting a long lifetime.

6. Roof Sunshade Accessories for Tesla Model Y 2020 2022

 Best Model Y Sunshade

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Manufactures choose high-quality polyester fiber to make the sunshade part for better shielding effect on sunlight. The dense mesh can help to prevent sun exposure and resist ultraviolet rays. Friendly material has no peculiar smell and crease when using. And if it is not used to block the sun in summer, the air conditioner will consume more power.

Summer is always too hot, so Tesery  specially designed the sunroof sunshade for Tesla model Y. It aims at letting you drive cooling and refreshingly. The panoramic sunroof design of Tesla model Y allows users to look up at the sky and enjoy the beautiful scenery every moment. Instead, our best sunroof shade blocks strong sunlight for the driver and ensure safety.

A Must-Have Accessory

Sunroof sunshade is a Must-Have accessory for blocking heat damaging UV rays and the sun's rays. As you see, Tesery has the best Model Y sunshade accessories to keep your summer cool! Tesery takes all customers into account, so it will always provides topping material sunshade accessories. These sunroof sunshades are simple but powerful, convenient and considerate.