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Choose the Best Tesla Model S/X Accessories!

The following Tesla Model X accessories and Model S accessories are carefully selected for Model X and Model S owners. Their exquisite design highlights individuality and the quality is 100% guaranteed. The Tesla Model S/Model X accessories here cover many aspects of the car needs of owners. Whether you are looking for something that makes your car more comfortable, more fashionable, or more practical, there must be an accessory that meets your needs. If you want to get a better driving experience, then go on to look!






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Jack Pad Adapter


LED Puddle Lights


Dog Seat Cover


Car Trash Can


Charger Adapter


Valve Stem Caps Fit


Keep Out The Sun & Enjoy A Cool Driving Environment

MX Window Sunshades

Protect the interior from ultraviolet rays and heat 


MX Front/Rear Windshield shade

Good cooling effect to keep the car cool!


MS Door Window Sunshade

Makes your car more enjoyable even in summer


MS Sunroof Sunshade

Enjoy a cool driving environment in summer!


MX Door Window Sunshade

Protect you from the sun and harmful ultraviolet rays


MS Front/Rear Windshield shade

Have a good cooling effect to keep the car cool


MX Sunshade (6 PC)

Block 99% of sunlight and ultraviolet rays


Say Goodbye To The Messy Interior Space

Cybertruck Tissue Box

Say goodbye to clutter and make driving a pleasure


Seat Back Storage Bag

The most convenient way for you to keep the car clean!

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Armrest Storage Box Organizer

Provides additional storage space to manage your items


Center Console Organizer

Easy to place and take your cups while driving


Seat Gap Storage Box

Easy to place and take your cups while driving


Trunk Cargo Net

Keep your belongings safe and secure while driving


Mobile Phone Anti-skid Pad

Accommodate mobile phones of different sizes


Charging Cable Organizer

Access for you to charge your Tesla charger


90% Of New Car Owners Recommend Buying

MS All-Weather TPE Car Floor Mats

Provide great protection for the floors from spills, stains, dirt, mud, snow, and more 

Version A

Version B

MX All-Weather TPE Floor Mats

Great way to protect the interior from dirt, dust, and other debris


3 Pieces


5 Pieces


Make sure the debris away from the original clean carpet


3 Pieces


6 Pieces

MX TPE Floor Mats(6 Seater)

Keep your Model X safe from spills and debris


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MX TPE Floor Mats(7 Seater)

Provide the maximum accuracy and coverage


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Keep The Tesla Interior Clean

Car Door Slot Mat

Prevent the interior from being scratched and water


Door Sill Strips

Protects your door sill from scratches and dirt; enhance the style!


Vacuum Cleaner Inflator

Specially designed for cleaning small dirty places


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Door Anti-Kick Pad

Greatly protect the door from dust and scratches


Dog Seat Cover

Provide comfort for your pet while protecting the seat


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Cleaning Towel

With great materials & strong water absorption; Cleaning helper for you


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Maintain The Exterior Clean As New

Outdoor Car Cover

Protect car from rain, hail, snow, and strong winds


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Tesla Wiper Blade

Great performance, quiet wiping without judder


Model S


Model X

Car Mud Flaps

Keeps the body clean/reduces car washes


Model S


Model X

Portable Power Wash

Can meet various cleaning requirements in life


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Relieve Driving Fatigue, Enjoy Your Trip

Velvet Neck

Relieve pressure and provide comfort while driving


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Lumbar Pillow

Relieves driving fatigue, and maintains a comfortable driving posture


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Alcantara Car Neck

Relieves driving fatigue and maintains a comfortable driving posture


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Brake Accelerator Pedal

Provide a comfortable rest area, upgrade the interior


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Seat Belt Cover

Protect your shoulders from seatbelt pressure


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Driver's Armrest

Can adjust the height to fit your driving position


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