Premium Tesla Accessories Store

Build your Tesla in one stop! on the car needs of Tesla owners and creating a one-stop shopping platform for aftermarket accessories for global Tesla owners, Tesery provides reasonably priced and complete categories of high-quality accessories for global Tesla owners.Tesery takes the actual car needs of each Tesla owner, car scenarios, occupations, hobbies, life, travel, modifications, and upgrades as the starting point, and takes "accessories & camping & Performance" as the main line of product development. Current products include Storage, Interior DIY, Exterior, Practical Accessories, Travel, Camping, Configuration Upgrade, Carbon Fiber, Wheel, Steering Wheel and so on.

Through supply chain integration and careful selection, high-quality Tesla accessories are gathered on, so that all car owners with different needs can quickly find all kinds of accessories from it, thus saving high shipping costs, time costs brought by purchasing different accessories from different places, as well as the risk of returning products of varying quality. The wide range of accessories will maximize the ability to help Tesla owners to enhance their different car experiences, meet their needs for functionality and value, and provide a "Tesla Lifestyle" for every car owner with different needs.

Brand Value · Strictly Select the Source

"TESERY" strictly controls the source, and is meticulous from the aspects of factory inspection, product inspection and QC,to ensure that every product to customers are high-quality.

1. Quality: The products are directly supplied by the first-line factories; quality is controlled by the professional team, and they have passed the international authoritative quality inspection.

2. Price: No middlemen, no brand premium, no advertising costs.

3. Service: 30 days free insurance, exclusive customer service.

Brand Founding · Originated From Modification

TESERY was created by a Tesla enthusiast -- a Tesla owner, Internet entrepreneur, Harley-Davidson motorcyclist, and licensed race car driver. After modified his Model Y, he became the tesla's "accessories experts". In the process of modificating his Model Y, he get to know with a large number of refitting accessories, learned and accumulated countless refitting experience. As an avid Tesla fan and car owner, he knows what he wants; as an excellent product manager and experienced in playing cars, he knows exactly Tesla owners need. For a long time, he kept finding, visiting and learning about factories and brands that produced Tesla accessories. On average, he went to 2-3 factories per day and visited more than 130 Tesla after-sale parts factory brands. 67 days later, he finally customized his ideal "modification accessories" and completed a comprehensive upgrade of his Model Y. Meanwhile, he reached cooperation with 36 factory brands and carried out in-depth cooperation with "TESERY" to bring high-quality Tesla accessories to Tesla owners around the world.

Brand Positioning·A Bland Mall Perpendicular to Tesla

The positioning of "TESERY" is a brand mall focusing on Tesla accessories, committed to providing commodity purchase of all categories, scenes and channels, and convenient and comfortable after-sales service.

A wide range of tesla accessories are provided on Tesery. "TESERY" understand users preferences through visitor shopping and brownsing, always insist the original intention---"providing 100% quality guaranteed products for users and meeting Tesla needs of users to the greatest extent", constantly upgrade products to make them gradually become a lifestyle accepted and recognized by the public.

Tesery Vision · Creat An Unique "Tesla Lifestyle

Since its built, "TESERY" has invested a lot of time and resources in product development, applying our idealism to products to ensure that every product can deliver the best to every customer.

Brand on line

September 5, 2021

Brand on line was officially launched.

First order

September 7, 2021

First order

We received our first order, Grace Kwasman from the United States.


April 9, 2022

Expansion of Product Line

Our 1,000th Tesla owner: Fredric Linansky from Sweden contacted customer service and shared a photo of his Model Y with our product.


June 10, 2023

Collaboration with Renowned Interior Designer

A collaboration with a well-known interior designer launches a limited-edition rug collection, enhancing brand visibility and market reach.