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Enhance Your Tesla Experience with Climate Control Features and Essential Accessories

ved Lucky LI May 28, 2024

Owning a Tesla isn't just about driving; it's about optimizing every aspect of your journey. From climate control features to essential accessories, here's how you can make the most of your Tesla experience.

Climate Control Features

  1. Scheduled Departure: Start each day with a charged battery and your desired cabin temperature by using Scheduled Departure. Find it within the Charging menu on your vehicle's touchscreen or in the Tesla app.

  2. Precondition Using the Tesla App: Precondition and cool your cabin remotely from anywhere using the Tesla app. Ensure a comfortable temperature before you even step into your car.

  3. Keep Climate On: Maintain cabin temperature while your vehicle is parked and locked with the Climate menu's 'Keep' feature on the touchscreen.

  4. Dog Mode: Keep your pets comfortable with Dog Mode, which maintains your set temperature while displaying a reassuring message on the touchscreen.

  5. Camp Mode: Turn your Tesla into a cozy retreat with Camp Mode, maintaining cabin temperature and powering your devices through the night.
  6. Cabin Overheat Protection: Prevent your cabin from getting excessively hot with Cabin Overheat Protection, available in different settings for your convenience.

  7. Window Venting: Lower cabin temperature without using energy by venting windows before returning to your vehicle, easily activated from the Tesla app.

  8. Ventilated Seats: Enjoy additional comfort with ventilated seats, controllable from the Tesla app or the vehicle touchscreen.


  1. Sunshades: Reduce heat entering the cabin with sunshades for the glass roof and rear liftgate, available in the Tesla Shop.

  2. Roof and Hitch Racks: Easily mount bikes and other gear for road trips with Tesla's Roof and Hitch Racks, designed for minimal wind resistance.

  3. Tire Repair Kit: Be prepared for emergencies with the Tire Repair Kit, containing an air compressor and sealant canister, available in the Tesla Shop.

Tire Tips

  1. Use Summer or All-Season Tires: Optimize performance and traction by using the appropriate tires for the season, whether it's summer or all-season.

  2. Monitor Treadwear and Pressures: Keep an eye on tire wear and pressures, especially in extreme heat, and follow the recommendations in your Owner's Manual for rotation and replacement.

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Unlock the full potential of your Tesla with these climate control features, essential accessories, and tire tips. Drive smarter, more comfortably, and with greater peace of mind on every journey. For more Tesla tips, you can refer to the following recommendations

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