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Tesla FSD Beta

Tesla FSD Beta 11.4.5: Enhanced Driving Experience

by LILucky on Jul 19, 2023

Welcome to Tesery.comWe are excited to announce the release of Tesla's Full Self-Driving (Beta) version 11.4.5! This update focuses on bugfixes to improve the driving experience. The release notes remain consistent with the previous version 11.4.4. Currently, this Beta version is undergoing testing by our employees.

Full Self-Driving (Beta):

To enable Full Self-Driving (Beta), tap 'Control' > 'Autopilot' > 'Full Self-Driving (Beta)' and follow the instructions.

Please note that Full Self-Driving is in early limited access Beta, and extra caution must be exercised when using it. In critical situations, it may make incorrect decisions, so always keep your hands on the wheel and stay vigilant on the road. Avoid complacency. With Full Self-Driving enabled, your vehicle will handle lane changes off the highway, follow forks in your navigation route, maneuver around other vehicles and obstacles, and make left and right turns. Only use Full Self-Driving in limited Beta if you can maintain constant attention to the road and be ready to take over immediately, especially in blind corners, intersections, and narrow driving scenarios.

FSD Beta v11.4.5 - Update Highlights:

  • Improved short-deadline lane changes by better modeling target lane vehicles for more assertive gap selection.

  • Enhanced consistency when controlling for static obstacles and smoother offset direction changes by adjusting speed more comfortably.

  • Improved handling of oncoming cars on narrow unmarked roads by better predicting their trajectory and creating sufficient space for them to pass before re-centering.

  • Enhanced Occupancy Flow prediction from the Occupancy Network for arbitrary moving obstacles with an 8% accuracy improvement.

  • Expanded usage of the new object ground truth autolabeler for the NonVRU detection model, resulting in improved distant vehicle recall and geometry precision for semi-trucks, trailers, and exotic vehicles.

  • Improved VRU control by expanding planning scope to gently control for low-confidence detections that may interfere with the ego vehicle's path.

  • Better handling for VRUs near crosswalks by more accurately predicting their future intent, leveraging additional kinematic data to improve crosswalk-VRU association.

  • Improved ego vehicle behavior near VRUs by tuning their assumed kinematic properties and utilizing available semantic information to more accurately classify their probability of intersecting the ego vehicle's path.

  • Improved Automatic Emergency Braking recall in response to cut-in vehicles and vehicles behind the ego vehicle while reversing.

Driving Visualization Improvements:

To view an expanded driving visualization when in drive with Full Self-Driving enabled, drag the light gray visualization bar to the right. (Available in the United States  Models: Model 3 / Y)

Driving Visualization Improvements:

The driving visualization has been enhanced to better support Full Self-Driving capabilities. When Full Self-Driving is engaged, the instrument panel will display an expanded visualization to show additional surrounding information. The apps on the left and right side of the instrument panel will be temporarily dismissed, and the driving speed, Autopilot availability, and Autopilot set speed will move to the bottom of the instrument panel. To disable the Expanded Full Self-Driving Visualization, tap Controls > Autopilot.( Available in the United States  Models: Model S / X)

Full Self-Driving (Beta) Suspension:

For maximum safety and accountability, the use of Full Self-Driving (Beta) will be suspended if improper usage is detected. Improper usage includes the occurrence of five 'Forced Autopilot Disengagements' by you or another driver of your vehicle. A disengagement happens when the Autopilot system disengages for the remainder of a trip after several audio and visual warnings for inattentiveness.Available in the United States  Models: Model 3 / Y / S / X)

Driver-initiated disengagements do not count as improper usage and are expected from the driver. Always keep your hands on the wheel and remain attentive at all times. The FSD Beta feature can only be removed using this suspension method, and it will be unavailable for approximately one week.

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