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What's the use of the Tesla Privacy Slim Camera Cover Slider with Model 3 and Model Y?

by LILucky on Nov 10, 2022

Do we really need the Tesla Privacy Slim Camera Cover Slider for privacy?

In everyday life, you don't have to go very far to find a camera. They are on your Tesla, PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone. While being able to chat with friends or family and see their faces is great, cameras can also be a threat to your privacy and security. There was news before that the camera in the Tesla car will automatically shoot, so many people feel that it is leaking privacy and want to turn it off. But at present, Tesla has not provided a closed entrance. So how can you close it? Then take something like a Band-Aid and physically cover it. What I want to recommend to you today is this practical sliding camera cover.

What are the advantages of TESERY Tesla Privacy Slim Camera Cover Slider worth your choice?

1.Made exclusively for Model 3 and Model Y
This camera cover fits the camera above the rearview mirror of Model 3 and Model Y, to protect your privacy and keep you from being monitored. In addition to Tesla, it also works with MacBook, iMac, laptop, PC, iPad, smartphone, and more.

2.Made of high quality ABS plastic
Which is  high-strength, strong and durable, providing long-term reliable protection for your privacy. It features an ultra-thin design with a thickness of only 0.03 inches, making it extremely lightweight. Let's take a closer look at this camera cover with a sliding button design, which can be slid freely and very smoothly. Installing this camera cover is simple. First make sure the camera screen is clean and free of smudges such as dust. Next just remove the small adhesive backing from the camera cover, align it with the camera and press it firmly into place.

3.It's also fairly simple to use
Slide the camera cover when you want to have a face-to-face conversation with someone, and swipe in the opposite direction to close it when not in use. It can be turned on or off with a simple finger motion. It can also protect your front camera from dirt and dust after installation. And you can easily remove this camera cover without leaving any sticky marks on your device when removed.

4.TESERY provides a set of camera covers
Which contains 6 camera covers, just to meet your daily needs. Want to protect your privacy, using this sliding camera cover is a very effective and inexpensive solution! Switch freely to protective privacy, You'll be on your way to living a more private connected life.

5.Install Instructions:
  • Step 1. Clean the area around the camera.
  • Step 2. Keep exposing the round hole.
  • Step 3. Remove the adhesive liner.
  • Step 4. Align the round hole with the camera lens.
  • Step 5. Slide to cover.

6.Product Specifications:

  • Material: ABS
  • Color: Black
  • Item size: 0.43 * 1.10 * 0.03 inch
  • Hole diameter: 0.32 inch
  • Item weight: 1g / 0.04oz

7.Please note:
From November 10th to November 30th, the Black Friday event has begun. For details of the event, please click to view: tesery.com

 How to Install TESERY Tesla Privacy Slim Camera Cover Slider  for Tesla Model 3 / Model Y?

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