Is it necessary to install Tesla caliper covers?

Is it necessary to install Tesla caliper covers?

by JULIET YU on Dec 15, 2021

Tesla pushed the latest fully automated driving test version FSD Beta 10.6 to some U.S. owners. The test found that the vehicles equipped with the version encountered many accidents such as map delays, autopilot into public transportation lanes, and almost hitting pedestrians while turning. In addition, the driver encountered a glitch when trying to regain control of the Tesla car, with a violent shaking of the steering wheel. Although this update has improved several functions, the problem of Tesla brake caliper failure has been exposed frequently, and we have to pay attention to this problem.

The brake calipers are a mechanical system that works independently of the electronic car controls. Currently, commercially available vehicles are generally equipped with a brake booster to help owners better brake the vehicle, with the help of the brake booster, even the weaker women or the elderly, usually afoot to the brake to the end, directly brake the vehicle.

The brake booster is connected to the engine of a traditional fuel car, and it is much easier to apply the brakes when the engine is in working condition than when it is off.

Tesla, there is no traditional engine, the brake booster is controlled by the iBooster braking system, which normally has a better response than the brake booster of a traditional car, but the booster also has energy consumption, when its own kinetic energy recovery does not work properly (such as low battery performance in winter and slippery roads), Tesla's vehicle control system in order to save energy or Tesla's brake pedal will become very hard, and Tesla's own brake performance is also relatively poor, weaker women or elderly people may not react at all to a foot down, plus the lack of driving experience, it is easy to produce the feeling of brake failure.

So is there really a problem with Tesla's brake calipers? Regardless of whether Tesla factory brakes are safe or not, so it is necessary to install Tesla caliper covers.

 Car Calipe

First, let's redefine what is a brake caliper.

Calipers are first divided into two kinds, one, and split, common BREMBO are one-piece calipers, ALCON is casting one-piece calipers, BREMBO with heavier material, compared to Endless MONO is much heavier, MONO is the top material one-piece forged calipers. Of course, the price is also very expensive. Split calipers and one-piece calipers are easy to distinguish, split calipers will be above the caliper you can see the splicing line, one-piece will not have this splicing line. Whether it's a one-piece or split, the brake calipers are exposed, which will slightly affect the aesthetics of the car and maybe a small problem for car lovers.

Brake calipers are a specific component of your brakes are the key system brakes for your function. Calipers are found on each wheel and are used to squeeze the brake pads onto the rotors to slow down the rotation of the wheels and slow down the vehicle.

The reason for adding heat to the brake system is to increase braking power.  

Braking systems work by converting the kinetic energy of the vehicle into heat through friction, so more heat means more friction and braking power.  

The disadvantage of increasing the heat generation characteristics of the braking system is that once this is done, heat dissipation becomes more difficult to achieve. A braking system that cannot dissipate heat accordingly can lead to brake failure, damage, or unpredictability.

Then tell more about what can go wrong with caliper levels.

One of the most common symptoms of a damaged or failed caliper is a brake fluid leak. The caliper operates using brake fluid pressure from the master cylinder and pedal to extend the piston and slow the vehicle down. Over time, these seals can wear and leak with continued exposure to the high temperatures generated by braking.

Some brake discs/pads are excellent at generating a lot of friction but are poor at dissipating heat and vice versa. In addition, brake materials can handle a variety of thermal loads depending on their molecular structure.

The best way to solve the problem of heat dissipation and appearance is to upgradeTesla model 3 or Model Y with a high-value brake caliper covers, the most classic is red caliper covers.

18" /19" Car Caliper Covers for Tesla model 3 (235/45) 2017-2022


Let's talk about the features of brake caliper covers.

  • Improves heat dissipation to maintain performance
18" /19" Car Caliper Covers for Tesla model 3 (235/45) 2017-2022

When driving and using the brakes, your calipers will get warmer and run cooler. Infrared heat detector tests have shown a 20 to 50-degree difference in brake temperatures. The increased surface area in direct contact with the brake caliper provides a large heat sink for your brakes. And the housing of the Tesery caliper cover is made of aircraft aluminum, which acts as a heat sink and distributes caliper heat more efficiently. The cover's curvature also helps direct air to cool the caliper.

  • Enhance the appearance of your car
18" /19" Car Caliper Covers for Tesla model 3 (235/45) 2017-2022

The brake caliper design provides a "big brake" racing look that makes heads turn! Caliper covers not only hide an unattractive part of the car but create their own unique look. They are an inexpensive alternative to paint jobs, are removable, won't change your factory brakes, and will enhance the look of your car.

  •  Reduce brake dust and keep your wheels cleaner 
18" /19" Car Caliper Covers for Tesla model 3 (235/45) 2017-2022

Brake caliper covers are not just for looks, they also act as dust covers by reducing the amount of brake dust on your wheels. They will keep your wheels cleaner longer between washes. If you're the type of person who is sensitive to how clean your wheels are, then you know what a problem brake dust is. Our caliper covers direct air and dust to the back of the wheel, making the front of the wheel cleaner.

However Tesery, a store that specializes in Best Tesla accessories, caliper covers are one of their top-selling products, sold worldwide, professional service, and you can buy them in the online store for immediate shipment after purchase. caliper covers from Tesery are available in two sizes, and three colors can be choose from,Tesla red caliper covers, yellow caliper Red caliper cover, Tiffany blue caliper cover, you can also customize your own color.

Why are Tesery caliper covers selling very well? What distinguishes them from other caliper covers, I have summarized the following feature.

  • Enhance the exterior of Tesery and beautify the car

18" /19" Car Caliper Covers for Tesla model 3 (235/45) 2017-2022

  • Precision cast alloy, using aviation aluminum alloy material with good thermal conductivity

18" /19" Car Caliper Covers for Tesla model 3 (235/45) 2017-2022
  • Baking paint process, no color loss, and no paint, longer service life.
18" /19" Car Caliper Covers for Tesla model 3 (235/45) 2017-2022
    Of course, caliper cover is also very easy to install, just hooking the car caliper can not leave any trace, can well protect your beloved tire caliper.

      You can also check out the YouTube video to learn more about how to install the Tsela caliper cover.

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