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Tesla Seat Velvet Neck Pillow-Should you get it?

by LILucky on Nov 08, 2022

What are the hidden dangers to the body when driving for a long time in one position?

When the car owner looks at a direction and keep a posture for a long time while driving, it’s easy to cause neck muscle spasm, cervical joint micro dislocation, headache and dizziness, neck stiffness, back pain, fatigue and other symptoms. In addition, traffic jam is a common occurrence. Once there is a traffic jam, it’s easy to rear end. Once accident occurs, the personnel in the vehicle will be subjected to a huge impact. The body trunk will be suddenly pushed by the seat, and the head will lag relatively due to body inertia, thus swinging backward, causing neck injury. At this time, the car neck pillow is very necessary. Installing a neck pillow can easily avoid the above problems!

Why is the TESERY neck pillow so popular?

What models and colors are available for the TESERY Tesla neck pillow?

This high-graded Tesla neck pillow is suitable for Tesla Model 3, Model Y, Model S and Model X, and is available in black and white. You can choose the corresponding neck pillow according to your favorite color. The outer layer of the TESERY neck pillow is a pillowcase made of high-grade fabric, which is soft, breathable, and smooth to the touch. As you can see, the pillowcase has a zipper design, if necessary, the zipper can be unzipped, and the pillowcase can be quickly removed for cleaning. In addition, the neck pillow is filled with high-quality space memory foam, which is soft and comfortable, can effectively absorb shock and improve driving safety. 

Let's take a look at the following points
  • This neck pillow is suitable for all models of Tesla Model 3 Model Y Model S Model X.Available in black and white. Make sports seats more comfortable
  • Effectively relieve long-term driving fatigue and reduce neck pressure
  • Using high quality velvet as padding, soft and comfortable
  • The installation is simple, and the installation can be easily completed without any tools. The installation position can be adjusted as required.
  • The best way to maximize head and neck protection


How to install a Tesla neck pillow?

There is an elastic band behind the pillowcase through which the neck pillow needs to be attached to the seat. The installation position of this Tesla neck pillow can be adjusted as needed. Our Tesla neck pillows are perfect for passengers, drivers and commuters. It can be used not only in the car, but also on the sofa, bed at home, or office chair.

TESERY neck pillow can effectively relieve driving fatigue under the premise of ensuring safety

The 3D concave surface of the neck pillow fits perfectly with the neck curve. This ergonomic design can effectively alleviate long-term driving fatigue, reduce neck pressure, and provide you with a relaxed, comfortable and safe driving experience. It can also promote the automatic head restraint to move up and forward in a very short time when the car collides. In this way, the neck pillow can hold the passenger's head and neck before the head and neck shake, so as to avoid excessive bending of the cervical spine and prevent the possibility of injury of drivers and passengers.

It can be seen that this Tesla Seat Velvet Neck-Model 3/Y/S/X is the best way to maximize head and neck protection and keep your neck comfortable during long drives. If you like our Tesla Seat Velvet Neck-Model 3/Y/S/X, you can directly click the button below to buy it

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