Tesery Tesla Model Y Floor Mats Are Your Best Choice 2022

Tesery Tesla Model Y Floor Mats Are Your Best Choice 2022

by Tesery Tesla on Dec 21, 2021

I believe that you must cherish the Model Y very much from the moment you receive it, and hope to take care of this coveted car with care, right? Then, you may need all-weather 3D Tesla Model Y floor mats for Model Y to provide all-weather 360-degree protection for your floor.

Although the Tesla manufacturer has equipped the vehicle with original floor mats, these floor mats can indeed provide protection for your Tesla floor in the short term, but according to the feedback of most Tesla owners, their service life is short. They are not resistant to dirt and are very easy to accumulate dust and footprints. However, floor mats are the first line of defense to prevent dust and debris from entering the vehicle. Think about it, do you know what's on the soles of your shoes every day? Soil? Shit? Bubble Gum? Paint?

tesla model y floor mats
If your Model Y floor looks like this, how do you feel? I believe you definitely don't want these things to get into your car, do you? Do not worry! Replacing it with the all-weather 3D Model Y floor mats, which can solve all the worries about the "floor".

Best Tesla Model Y Floor Mats

If you have all-weather Tesla floor mats, you no longer have to worry about accidentally spilling water and coffee on the floor, and you don’t have to worry about covering the floor with muddy marks. Because you can easily remove them from Model Y with 3D floor mats. So, why do you believe it has such capabilities? Let's take a look together.

First of all, these 3D Model Y floor mats not only cover the floor, but also have vertical walls to protect the foot space carpet. Secondly, all-weather Tesla Model Y floor mats use a unique grid pattern, which is easy to disassemble and clean. When there is dust or debris on the floor, you only need to take out the floor mats and shake them a few times; when coffee or milk tea is spilled on the floor mats, you only need to take out and rinse them. Thirdly, the floor mats are also 100% recyclable, and the materials used are XPE and TPR materials, which do not contain PVC, latex and lead. Finally, the floor mats have no logo, simple, stylish and modern, which is very in line with the style of the Model Y interior. In addition to the above features, the most important feature of these 3D floor mats for Model Y is that it has a multi-layer structure and provides effective all-weather protection.

3D All-weather Tesla Model Y Floor Mats Have Received Rave Reviews

Their customer ratings on Tesery are very high, with rave reviews. These mats score high in terms of fit, durability, and ease of cleaning. You can check it out on the product details page.

In summary, the all-weather 3D Tesla Model Y floor mats are your best choice. Keep the carpet on Model Y in its original condition and it is possible to increase the resale value of the vehicle!


A video of 3D All-weather Tesla Model Y Floor Mats:


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