Check Out Whether Tesla Owners Should Install Tesla Model Y Floor Mats

Check Out Whether Tesla Owners Should Install Tesla Model Y Floor Mats

by Tesery Tesla on Dec 29, 2021

New drivers do not pay much attention to the choice of Tesla Model Y floor mats, and often directly use the original car Tesla floor mats when buying a car. However, Model Y floor mats presented by Tesla merchants usually perform poorly in terms of waterproofing and anti-fouling. Therefore, some car owners will choose to reinstall the new Tesla floor mats after picking up the car. I would like to remind you all car owners who need to buy Tesla Model Y floor mats, when you choose car mats, you must not be greedy for cheap, and we must give priority to choosing Tesla mats that guarantee their own safety. The sides of some floor mats are very close to the accelerator. Once deformed, the accelerator may be stuck directly and the accelerator may not be retracted, or stuck under the brake, and the vehicle cannot be stopped. The consequences are unimaginable. Then, consider the comfort during use and the impact of long-term use. In addition to these people who are willing to buy new Model Y floor mats, there are also car clubs who choose to abandon the floor mats and “run naked on the road”. So, should Tesla owners install car mats?

First, Let's Take a Look at the Role of Model Y Floor Mats!

As an important part of the original car's interior accessories, the Tesla Model Y floor mats are very useful. For the occupants, especially the driver, the floor mats are indispensable. Tesla floor mats can protect the original car's carpet from friction and damage, and keep the car's interior environment clean and complete. Car owners who have been driving for a long time should know that cars that are protected by floor mats all the year round and cars that never use floor mats bring completely two senses.

Just as we place mats in front of the door and in the bathroom, Tesla Model Y floor mats can play a role in waterproof and dirt-resistant. In rainy days, if the sewage and sludge on the soles of the feet are not separated by the floor mats, it will damage the original car floor to a large extent, and may cause mold and bacteria to endanger the health of the car owner. With the Tesla Y floor mats, it will be easier to clean these dirt. Secondly, car mats also have the function of sound insulation and shock resistance. Excellent semi-enclosed or fully-enclosed floor mats can greatly alleviate the vibration and noise generated by the car chassis and tires, and improve a certain degree of driving comfort.

Tesla Model Y Floor Mats

In fact, the claims on the Internet that Tesla Model Y floor mats do not need to be used are not reliable. Not all car owners don’t use car mats, but in their opinion, the car is just a means of transportation, so they pays more attention to the anti-fouling and practicality of floor mats. So they prefer to choose more environmentally friendly and wear-resistant and dirt-resistant. Model Y foot pads.

The Choice of Tesla Floor Mats

At present, there are many types of floor mats on the market, which can be divided into full-enclosed floor mats, semi-enclosed floor mats and flat floor mats in terms of specifications, and can be divided into dozens of types in terms of materials. When purchasing Tesla Model Y floor mats, we should focus on several key points such as environmental protection performance, fit degree, wear resistance and easy cleaning. So when choosing styles, it is best to choose semi-enclosed and full-enclosed floor mats, or floor mats in between for special vehicles; in terms of material, I must recommend environmentally friendly and healthy XPE, TPR and TPE materials. Compared with other PE or non-PE materials, XPE material has excellent performance in durability, resistance to light and physical impact. XPE itself is chemically stable, not easy to decompose, odorless, and has good elasticity. It is a preferred material for manufacturing crawling mats, sound insulation layers, heat insulation layers, and car floor mats. TPE material meets the hygiene requirements of human skin contact and is recognized as a green and environmentally friendly material. High transparency, high tensile strength, high elongation and flexible touch (similar to the intimate touch of the skin) are highly sought after by consumers. The TPR material, which is the same thermoplastic elastomer as TPE, has become the latest material to replace traditional rubber. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, comfortable to the touch, and exquisite in appearance, making the Tesla Model Y floor mats more creative. Therefore, it is also a more humane, high-grade new synthetic material, and it is also a global standard environmental protection material. Next, the blogger will introduce to you two Tesla Y floor mats of more than two materials:

    1. All Weather & All Season Waterproof 3D Floor Mats

Tesla Model Y Floor Mats

This 3D floor mat combines two high-quality materials, XPE and TPR, to upgrade the using experience. The innovative mixed material floor mats have more advantages than the original car floor mats. The Model Y floor mats adopts a three-layer structure: the thermoplastic rubber TPR surface is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, providing waterproof protection, which is 300% higher than ordinary PVC temperature resistance; the lightweight XPE foam middle layer absorbs vibration, reduces road noise, and increases passenger comfort; the bottom layer of high-quality rice grain non-slip claws firmly grasp the Tesla Model Y floor to prevent the mat from sliding, ensure safety, and will not damage the original Tesla Model Y carpet. The environmentally friendly and healthy materials make the floor mats 100% tasteless, BPA-free, non-toxic, and protect the health of you and your family. They are able to provide all-weather protection, they can prevent the penetration of dust, dirt, liquid and snow, and keep your Tesla floor clean all year round. This set of Tesla Model Y all-weather floor mats are also suitable for Tesla Model 3.

    2. All Weather TPE Car Floor Mats

tesla model y floor mats

TPE is recognized as safe and harmless material. Before it is used to make floor mats, it has been widely used in the pregnancy, infant and medical industries, so it will not emit unpleasant odors and toxic and harmful substances. In addition, the characteristics of the TPE material itself determine that the pure TPE Model Y floor mats must be manufactured by injection molding process, so it has a degree of compliance that far exceeds that of ordinary floor mats, and will not jam the brakes and throttle. The raised sides of this Tesla Model Y floor mats provide extra protection for spills and wet objects. The Tesla Y floor mats are designed to protect the Tesla Model Y floor from splashes, stains, dirt, dirt, snow, etc. to the greatest extent. These floor mats can also provide protection for Tesla Model 3.

Best Tesla Model Y Accessories

The above two floor mats are from Tesery, a high-quality platform that focuses on Tesla accessories. They are not full-enclosed or half-enclosed floor mats, but somewhere in between. They make up for the shortcomings of incomplete protection of the semi-enclosing floor mats and the disadvantages of the full-enclosing Model Y/Model 3 floor mats that are expensive and difficult to install. At present, the most successful examples of making mats are above all-weather 3D floor mats and TPE mats, which are considered to be the best choice for car owners.

In addition to protecting the original car floor and keeping it beautiful and clean, the installation of floor mats also plays a role in ensuring driving safety. According to relevant statistics, 38% of car accidents each year are caused by not using floor mats. It can be seen that how important the floor mats are. If any Tesla owners have not yet installed a good floor mats for Tesla, act now!




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