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Tesla Model Y Carbon Fiber Spoiler - Excellent Market Feedback!

by LILucky on Dec 06, 2022

Many Tesla owners who pursue think the original rear of the Tesla is too boring, low grade and without features. Therefore, many Tesla owners choose to modify their cars after picking up. In order to meet the modification needs of Tesla owners, TESERY provides a series of Tesla accessories in different styles, colors for owners to choose from. Today we are talking about the rear carbon fiber spoiler. The purpose of adding a rear spoiler is to generate down force during the car's fast driving, thus allowing the car to produce more grip, which can effectively reduce the air resistance generated by the car at high speeds and finally achieve the purpose of saving fuel.


TESERY Real Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler will be the best choice for Tesla modification parts


1)Exclusively built for the Tesla Model Y

It looks great and performs well. This product has excellent market feedback and is deeply loved by the public. It is specially made for Tesla Model Y. The installation position has undergone a lot of adaptation tests, and it perfectly matches the original Model Y, no matter in size or style.

2)This spoiler was scanned using raw 3D data

This spoiler uses original 3D data scans to perfectly match your Tesla Model Y. The spoiler follows the lines and curved edges of the trunk hatch so that there are no gaps. The rear spoiler extends far out of the trunk so it can absorb some fresh air and create downforce with limited resistance, making the driver feel more comfortable at high speeds. In addition, the product's unique design improve the entire car's sporty feel with a glossy finish that adds a performance aesthetic and stylish edge to your  Model Y. The Tesla Model Y rear spoiler wraps around the trunk deck and has a slightly more aggressive stance than the stock spoiler.

3)Our carbon fiber rear spoiler is handcrafted

Our carbon fiber rear spoilers are handcrafted and each carbon fiber rear spoiler is carefully hand laid to form our 4 inch performance spoiler design. Compared to traditional materials, carbon fiber materials offer relative advantages in strength, stiffness, and impact resistance. This carbon fiber uses one-piece molding technology to reduce the gluing process and avoid warping ,and deformation during the gluing process. This V-shaped rear spoiler is crafted by the craftsman with years of production experience. The pattern is full, three-dimensional and without breakage; a UV-resistant transparent gel coat is applied to the finished product to make it look smooth and ensure years of beauty. The craftsmanship is very fine! And every piece of TESERY's tailgate has gone, through multiple layers ,of strict outgoing quality inspection process, to ensure that ,it is qualified before it is packaged for shipment. These outstanding features above determine this real carbon fiber rear spoiler is perfect for decorating the car, to make your Tesla more cool, more stylish!

4)This spoiler is very easy to install

It has 3M automotive double-sided tape on the back. Before installation, the car needs to be thoroughly cleaned and the spoiler installation area cleaned with alcohol. This is to ensure optimum adhesion to the surface. The spoiler rests against the edge of the trunk just enough to hold it in place. This makes installation easier.

Specific installation steps:

1)Clean the place where you need to paste and then wipe the water with towel or tissues. It can’t accept to have the oil ,water, wax ect.
2)Determine the installation location and then make comparison of the product and installation location, if the product doesn’t fit to your vehicle, please don’t install.
3)When tear off the double-sided adhesive, please do not touch the double sided paste with your hand.
4)In order to achieve better effect, we suggest to heating the double sided adhesive by hair dryer or lighting. (It can't over 40 degrees).
Alignment position and then paste, the paste depends on paste conditions and correct way to install.
5)Please pressing 20-30 seconds or more when paste and stay dry in 48 hours for the best firming result.

The Tesla Rear Carbon Fiber Spoiler -Model Y is a great way to add style to your style. It is easy to install and only takes a few minutes. Plus, it's an affordable way to add style to your car. Tesla Rear Carbon Fiber Spoiler -Model Y is a great choice!