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Tesla Model 3/Y Illuminated Door Sills - MUCH BETTER THAN TESLA VERSION!

by LILucky on Dec 02, 2022

Many Tesla owners are familiar with the car's illuminated door sills. Equipped with Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, it is not only practical and beautiful, but also protects your Tesla, effectively preventing the soles from scratching the threshold paint when getting on and off the car. It will keep your Model 3 and Y looking like new while adding aesthetics and lighting up your Tesla at night. If you saw this blog post and also picked out a glowing door sill for your Tesla, you can order it at Tesery. com, only $139, the order link is in the payment button at the bottom, you can click the link to see the product description, pictures and more information.

The Illuminated Door Sills are available on the official Tesla website. They come with illumination and is adorned with exclusive Model 3/Y lettering, adding a detailed quality to your Tesla by highlighting your vehicle's model name with the Model 3/Y Illuminated Door Sill.

The official website sells the door sills in black and white, with the black currently priced at $250 and the silver model at $175. Now I'm going to introduce you the aftermarket accessories of Tesery ,which has the same quality and features as the official product, but the difference is that the price of Tesery is only $139, which will save you $111.

TESERY Tesla Model Y Illuminated Door Sills-Tesla Essential Accessories


1)Each threshold is activated by a magnetic switch
Each door sills is activated by a magnetic switch and powered by a long-lasting battery and LED light. This elegant addition does not require additional wiring to your vehicle's electrical system, so there is no burden on your vehicle's electrical system for a seamless installation. Under normal using, the battery has a three-year lifespan, and when it runs out, you can replace it easily. It is designed with a fixed bayonet separate from the sill bar, so it is very easy to disassemble and replace the electronics.

2)The Door sill is the use of stainless steel panels
The Door sill is the use of stainless steel panels, with anti-scratch and wear-resistant, durable characteristics, the back of the plastic backing is tough and not easy to deform, even if the hard step can protect your door panels from wear and damage to your car paint. The edges are finely polished and rounded without scratching your hands.

3)Easy to install without special tools
Unlike the Tesla illuminated door sills, which require the removal of the original front door sill plate, these sills directly to the existing plate, making installation a breeze. The cover comes with double-sided adhesive. It easily to install with out special tools. It uses the original data scan to fit the original curvature of the car and fits your model 3 and model y very perfectly.

4)Provides magnetic switch for automatic shutdow
With these illuminated door , you can enjoy a premium greeting when you enter your Tesla. There is no need for any intervention in the vehicle's wiring. When the doors are closed, these light bars will automatically turn off using the magnetic switch provided. If the doors are left open for a longer period of time, the light bars are automatically turned off after about 30 seconds to save energy.

5)Create a comfortable driving environment
It has a shockproof sponge at the bottom, which can effectively prevent noise during driving and create a comfortable driving environment for you. These thresholds not only enhance the appearance of your car. They are also smooth and super easy to clean. Generally speaking, it is a must-have accessory for your Tesla.

If you like our Tesla Illuminated Door Sills-Model 3/Y, please add it to your cart, buy it now and we will ship it to any city in the world for free. If you have any questions about our Tesla Illuminated Door Sills-Model 3/Y, you can contact our online customer service, or send us an email