Tesla Interiors Perfect for Your Model Y 2022

Tesla Interiors Perfect for Your Model Y 2022

by Tesery Tesla on Sep 09, 2021

As far as I know, many car enthusiasts have a similar impulse to buy all kinds of accessories after they bought their Model Y. Obviously they have not met the car yet, but they want to buy everything they see for it. Although some of them are easy to buy all kinds of Tesla interiors or exteriors, I found out that most of them are not cost-effective and look like non-existent products. But there are still some good things, in order to avoid people take a detour, I would like to do a summary. The following products include their own used and Tesla car enthusiasts recommended Tesla interiors accessories, which will perfectly fit you Model Y. There is no the best but the most suitable one. If you are interested in them, directly click on the link to view, some products should be very strong deduction.


List of products:

Car phone holder Tesla interiors

We all know that the Tesla comes with a navigation that does not work well. There is no reminder of the camera and speed limit, and it can not optimize the best navigation route. Maybe there will be improvements in the future, but I still prefer to use the Gode Map for navigation. Therefore a phone holder is very necessary. I see someone put it on the wireless charger, which requires users to lower the head, making driving quite dangerous. This holder fits perfectly with the original car, not at all abrupt. I bought a sticky one before, but I decisively change to this one which is more good-looking.

[Reason recommendation] It must-seen highlight is that it comes with with a 360°rotating spherical interface on the back. So users can adjust to different angles base on different needs. It is more powerful and convenient than other common phone holders. Choose this high-end design to match your Tesla!

Tesla Interiors

Tesla neck pillow interiors

In modern office life, whiplash has become a problem for most people; and for those who drive, bad driving habits and misconceptions add to the cervical condition. Overall, whiplash injuries caused by driving are divided into two categories, one because of rear-end accidents and one because of wrong daily driving posture. Both of these factors bring irreversible secondary damage to our cervical spine. So how can car owners safeguard their cervical spine health? Some studies have shown that using neck pillow can improve this situation to some extent. After comparing several neck pillows, I feel that this one works better.

[Reason for recommendation] I highly recommend it to you! It’s quite comfortable when using this neck pillow. I bought several to compare, and finally choose this one. Because this neck pillow really good support for the neck and head, with both sides slightly arched so that it is no problem at all to sleep on. With the ranking-quality and environmentally friendly cotton as the filler, it can effectively relieve long-term driving fatigue and reduce neck pressure. Every friend who has sat in my car said it is cozy!

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Tesla sunroof shade

It is also highly recommended! Sun protection should be done from physical sun protection! No matter how many layers of film you put on the sunroof, you are still tanned. After the installation of this sunroof shade, you can feel that the car instantly cool down. There is no longer that feeling of the sun burning overhead. Some people may feel that they can not see the sunroof scenery by installing this sunroof shade. Are you sure that you want to look up at the scenery in the middle of the day when the sun is blazing? And long-term exposure to the sun will also accelerate the aging of the car trim. You can put it away when the sun is not strong or in cloudy days, fold and store in the trunk. In short, this foldable sunroof visor is a must for girls who are afraid of tanning!

[Reason for recommendation] With mesh material, it majors in protecting your parts from exposure at any time. And it also do well in effectively reflecting and isolating heat conduction. Keep the interior of the car cool and comfortable thanks to its unique design that can completely cover the windows without leaving any gaps. Besides, you can fold it up when you're not using, very convenient, and it will not take up space in your car.

Tesla Interior accessories

Car trash bin interior

With the popularity of cars and the increase in environmental awareness, many car owners like to have a small car mini-bin in their car. Therefore, passengers in the car do not litter when eating or throwing away miscellaneous things, to protect the road environment and the car environment. The car bin is a must-have piece of accessory for a happy trip. I also bought a car bin for my Tesla. It works very well and I now recommend it to you. I bought it from Tesery, who specializes in Tesla modification accessories.

[Reason for recommendation] This car trash bin has a novel design and is generally made of ABS material with strong toughness. It is easy to load and unload, and can be stuck to clip the card. So it is securely mounted and will not tilt and fall over even if it is bumpy in bad driving conditions. You can install it on the car door and car seat, or place it on the office desk or in-home. A small trash bin can bring about much convenience to you.

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Wireless phone charger

Mobile phones are a necessity in our lives, but this necessity occasionally runs out of battery. For those who are often in the office or at home, this is not too much of a problem; wired with a charging head is the perfect solution. If you travel outside without a charging head, that's okay too. With a portable rechargeable, you can solve the trouble of a dead phone. But there is a special situation, is that you are driving, or running a long distance. when the phone prompts a low battery, charging head and charging treasure is now a bit difficult to use. So that's the stage for the car wireless charger. I would like to talk about a dual wireless phone charger with USB splitter Cable. It is very practical.  

Reason for the recommendation] This wireless phone charger comes with dual USB ports, so that users can charge two phones simultaneously. It provides the maximum output of 10 watts for each side and faster-charging induction. Used excellent ABS and PC material, this wireless phone charger is upgraded based on the ordinary charger. Therefore, it is more practical and powerful.

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Armrest hidden storage box

I broke my previous storage box, so I always want to buy a new one, and began a variety of search and comparison. And I finally choose this one looks more practical, but also has the value and the brand guarantee. Storage box can store driver's license, documents, or small privacy objects. Otherwise you will always feel there is a good waste of empty space.

[Reason for recommendation] The armrest storage box presides with a great embed design for hiding your small item perfectly. Made of high-grade ABS plastic material, it is durable and strong to protect and store your small items. Its unique appearance perfectly fit your Tesla Model Y or Model 3.

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Floor mats Tesla interiors

I would like to buy floor mats without formaldehyde smell. Because if there is a smell and open up the air conditioning, the smell are in the car circulation. The floor mats are probably the most area-occupying and long-term health effects of automotive supplies. But many people are greedy for cheap and accidentally installed in the car a toxic gas release device.

[Reason for recommendation] 1. Health should always come first, no matter what. This floor mat is odourless, because of the top TPE material, with zero formaldehyde and also has antibacterial properties for the health of your family. 2. It feels very cozy on the foot, and high class. 3. It holds the great ability to hide dirt and dust, other materials sand and mud easy to float on the surface, they will vanish into thin as the air conditioning opened. In a word, it will not only block the spills, stains and dirt for your Tesla Model Y floors, but also creating you a clean and comfortable driving environment.

Tesla floor mats

Tesla air filter

Car is a very small and relatively confined space, and if someone in the car is ill and continuously emits bacteria or viruses, it is very likely to cause spread. In fact, it is not just bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms that cause pollution, there are many other substances present in the car that can cause air pollution in the car. Therefore, in order to improve the quality of the air in car, Tesla owners need a air filter. It is wise for you to choose this cabin air filter with activated carbon and HEPA, which holds strong purifying effect.

[Reason for recommendation] This air filter includes triple filtering: a melt-blown electrostatic layer, HEPA filter layer, and activated carbon, this cabin air filters. HEPA is the abbreviation of High Efficiency Particle Air, which is one of the best high-density filter materials in the world. It can achieve 99.97% filtration effect for particles of dust above 0.3µm, and has a strong purification effect on smoke, suspended particles, bacteria and viruses. As we can see, this powerful air filter is professional in filtering PM2.5 haze and particles, removing peculiar odds, and keeping the air in the car fresh.

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Tesla Inflatable mattress

Autumn is just around the corner and many people are planning to go out on autumn excursions or camping trips. If you want to enjoy cozy life in car, this Tesla air mattress must be your must-have accessory. With topping flocking material, this Tesla interiors will become a perfect partner in your self-driving or camping.

[Reason for recommendation] Users can apply this inflatable mattress to flatten out the uneven interior of a car, so that you can sleep comfortably in the car overnight. You can not only use it in the car but also in camping, which is very convenient. With its thickness and elasticity, the inflatable mattress is as comfortable as a bed, so whether you're travelling or camping in a car, you can rest up for the next day's journey.

The biggest advantage of the inflatable bed is that it is easy to store and organize after deflating, it does not take up much space, and the bed is very soft and comfortable, so it is easy to carry out. The waterproof and moisture-proof material allows you not to worry about your body getting wet and cold.

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This blog is full of excellent-quality goodies, including a serious of fine Tesla interior accessories recommendations for Tesla Model Y. If you like any Tesla interiors recommended, you can click through the link to take a look or leave a message in the comments section.



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