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How Can Tesla Accessories Create A "Tesla Lifestyle"?

by Nina Abby on May 27, 2022

The first time Apple users get the iPhone, most of them will first give it a film + mobile phone case, and then add various accessories, both official and third-party, both protective accessories and accessories to get the most out of the iPhones. Now, Tesla is more and more like the iPhone. Note that it’s not that Tesla’s sales are overwhelming its competitors in the U.S. market, or that it ranks first in global electric vehicle sales in the U.S. single market, but that Tesla owners want to buy more accessories than iPhones.

Why? This is because a series of Tesla accessories with different designs, styles and functions have improved the car experience of Tesla owners to a certain extent. Every car owner who has or is adding Tesla accessories to their car is creating a "Tesla lifestyle" for themselves that matches their own aesthetics or ideals. Let's take a look at how powerful and practical the seemingly simple Tesla accessories are. You will know why so many Tesla owners are buying Tesla accessories like crazy!

Tesla Roof Rack - Expands the possibilities of the life with its sporty look and versatile use.

In addition to being decorative and aesthetically pleasing, the roof rack can also hold things that cannot fit in the luggage compartment, such as large luggage, bicycles, folding beds, and more. As long as the cargo owner keeps the cargo in place, especially if luggage nets are attached to the cargo, it can carry more than you might expect. Some car owners like to go off-road. They bought an off-road bicycle at home. When they drive out, there is no place to put the bicycle. The bicycle is too big to fit in the trunk. At this time, the car owner can fix the bicycle on the roof rack and put the the bicycle is fixed on the roof firmly and firmly, and it is very convenient to transport. Some car owners like to go off-road in the wild, and they have nowhere to put a tent, so they can tie the tent on the roof of the car. Hanging the tent on the roof of the car can not only prevent wild animals from attacking, but also prevent the tent from getting wet with dew, which is very convenient.

Without roof rack:


With roof rack:

It can be seen that the aesthetics and practicality of the roof rack are very powerful. However, roof rack installation is an art. Car owners should not install the roof rack directly after receiving it, because the wrong installation method may cause the roof glass to shatter. Therefore, the owner must remember to install it under the guidance of the installation manual or installation video provided by the seller, or go to the auto parts store to find a professional auto parts installation master to install. The blogger shares a Youtube installation video with you here:

Tesla Floor Mats - say goodbye to muddy footprints!

Car floor mats are a must-have accessory for cars, and they are usually given when buying a car. If not, it is highly recommended to buy.In addition, most new cars come with their own floor mats, but they are made of flocked material, which is easy to hide dust and difficult to clean after being dirty. Therefore, it is best to buy some floor mats that is not easy to hide dust and is easy to clean. This new composite 3D floor mats set provided by TESERY can absorb water, vacuum and decontaminate, and can effectively prevent the residual moisture and dirt in the sole from slipping with the clutch, brake and accelerator, and reduce the pollution and damage of the interior. Possibility, after all cleaning the floor mats is more convenient and more economical than cleaning the upholstery. 

The reasons why so many Tesla owners buy these 3D floor mats are as follows: 1. This material (TPR) can be used for many years and can be washed directly; 2. A little dust cannot be seen at all, it is really dirty, just use water for a while. Just punch it; 3. The fit is 100%; 4. There is no electric door and brake, so don't worry about safety issues; 5. There is no odor, and you don't have to worry about formaldehyde.

Without 3D floor mats:


With 3D floor mats:

Front and Rear Trunk Mats - make cleaning easier and life more convenient

Tesla Model 3/Y has three storage spaces: the front trunk, the upper trunk, and the lower trunk. The original car mat is flocked, the surface is easy to stick to dust and other stains and is super difficult to clean. If you wash your car less often like me, have children at home and need to shop frequently, it is recommended to buy a set of protective mats, please choose those that are easy to fold, waterproof and easy to clean. We highly recommend this set of 6 mats! Floor mats for the entire vehicle are included. These Tesla floor mats are made of TPE material, which has been widely used in the mother and baby industry, and its safety and durability are certified by the society.

Central Control Storage Box - give scattered items a "home"

Although the front and rear space of the Tesla central control is very large, it is very deep and inconvenient for classification and storage. And too many positions for the armrest box and center console will affect the placement and storage of large items. Now it is really convenient to have this latticed compartment tray, and it does not affect the overall space. You can hold small items like dental floss sticks, chewing gum, lip balm and perfume samples, etc. With this storage box, the [deep pit] becomes a [duplex] in an instant! .

This storage box is available in two styles:

  1. Flocking Organizer

The price is relatively cheap, the quality is acceptable, and the style of the car interior is basically the same, and it can hold small objects such as sunglasses and keys. Because the original car is also flocked, it feels better.

  1. Silicone Organizer

The material is more particular than the cotton velvet model. The bottom is a hard bottom frame, and the top is silicone, which is not easy to get dust, and can be taken off for cleaning; the main style is simple, with fewer divisions and more elegant details, such as There is a special position for glasses, which is anti-slip. Tesla's minimalist style is destined to not have all kinds of small storage compartments like Toyota, used to store keys, cards and other odds and ends.

 Tesla Sunroof Sunshade - goodbye to hot summer

Tesla's glass roof is cool, but it's too tan in summer, so if you don't want to get a tan, buy a sunshade. The sunshade provided by TESERY has obvious cooling and sun protection effect. It is foldable and can be placed in the front and rear trunks when not in use. The biggest trouble with the panoramic sunroof is that it is not insulated.

There are two solutions on the market at present, which are to stick a thermal insulation film and install a sunshade. If you also live in a hot place like me, you must choose one of the two. I suggest a combination of sunshade + silver-coated cloth, which can perfectly solve the two major problems of heat insulation and sunshade. The key is that it is cheap and easy to install. When winter comes, you can remove it and store it well.

This split-type new sunroof sunshade is more practical and beautiful than the traditional sunshade, and bid farewell to collapse completely.

Car Cover - prevent scratching, sticking tickets, outdoor parking artifact

The car cover used to be an essential Tesla accessory in my list. It has many uses in addition to bird droppings, scratches, and dust. Parking is difficult in many cities now. First, there are many situations where parking spaces cannot be found. Second, the parking fee is too expensive, so you know, I have bought this coverall for many years and it has not broken, and the price is not expensive.

Especially in summer, the temperature of direct sunlight is too high (don't be afraid of trouble if you park outdoors in the community). For many owners, the frequency of use is more frequent, because the community is outdoor parking, and the car cover can protect from sun and dirt, which is more effective than any kind of sunshade.

Trunk Storage Box - restore the configuration that Model 3 should have

Like the upper space of the trunk, the lower space is also made of velvet without any protection. As an obsessive-compulsive disorder, I found this double-layer storage box, made of ABS waterproof material, which can be wiped dry with a towel when wet; very thick, owners tried it while standing on a person and I can jump on it; the fit is very good, and there is no gap in it. They put things that I don’t use very often under the trunk. If there are too many things that need to be brought home, I can use this storage box to move them away. Once we went fishing in the wild, we took them out and used them as fish buckets. In short, it is very practical and worth to have.

It can be seen that seemingly simple Tesla accessories are beautiful and practical. Now, you know why so many Tesla owners are buying Tesla accessories like crazy! A series of Tesla accessories with different designs, styles and functions have greatly improved the car experience of Tesla owners. More and more owners of Tesla accessories are adding Tesla accessories to their cars according to their preferences and needs, creating a "Tesla lifestyle" for themselves that is in line with their own aesthetics or ideals!


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