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How about the Tesla non-slip key card holder with Model 3 and Model Y?

by LILucky on Nov 04, 2022

Are you worried that ordinary key card sleeves will be easily worn out?

We know that Tesla key cards are very vulnerable to wear and tear if they are used frequently without protection. Over time, the key card will become scarred, dirty and old, and the grade is lowered. In addition, some car owners often put Tesla key card with their mobile phones. Because the key card is naked, its metal edge and front end are easy to scratch the mobile phone screen, and long-term friction may even cause permanent damage to the mobile phone screen. At this time, we especially need a soft key card holder to wrap it. And this advanced key card holder will be your best choice!

Tesla non-slip key card holder from TESERY website can save you the following troubles!

First , this Tesla key card holder launched by TESERY is tailor-made for Tesla Model Y and Model 3 key cards. After many tests, the signal sens function of the key card is completely unaffected. As you can see, this key card holder is very thin. Its thickness is only 2.6MM. And it's so lightweight that you can barely feel its weight in your hand. The key card holder has a key fob design, which is convenient to hang on your key chain or bag to prevent loss. It is carefully crafted by high-grade zinc alloy process, which is firm, reliable, durable, and visually shiny and textured. Coupled with the innovative hollow design of the key card holder, it highlights the "Tesla" logo on the key card, which is very eye-catching.


This TESERY key card holder is hand-made with PU leather material, which has strong toughness , and will not be deformed by force; it’s scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, not easy to age, and can protect your Tesla for a long time. It is comfortable and soft to the touch and can bring you an unprecedented experience, which is not comparable to ordinary plastic or metal key card holders. With it, you can put your key card with other items at will, without worrying about it scratching the mobile phone screen; With it, your Tesla key card is fully protected from hard objects and dust. The surface of this key card case is an innovative design, with exquisite craftsmanship , which fully shows elegant taste. In addition, this texture is not only beautiful, but also anti-skid, so that the key card will not slide easily on your center console. It is easy to clean. If dust or stain is attached to the surface, you can wash it with water directly.


Many people buy key card holder for their appearance because they think it directly reflects their aesthetics and taste. A stylish and cool key card holder is often the most eye-catching and can work wonders in various occasions. We offer key card holders in black, red and blue to give you a variety of options for personality. Different colors have different effects: black is advanced, red is enthusiastic, and blue is elegant. You can choose your favorite color according to your preference to show your high-end taste!

 If you like our Tesla Model 3/Y-non-slip key card holder product keyword, please add it to your cart and buy it now, we will ship it to any city in the world for free on orders over $149. If you have any questions about our Tesla Model 3/Y-non-slip key card holder, you can contact our online customer service, or send us an email

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