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How about the Tesla Gear Wiper Cover with Model 3 and Model Y?

by LILucky on Nov 19, 2022

If you don't like the ordinary plastic gears of the original car,and when the gearshift is dirty will also give you a bad experience. It's never too late to upgrade your Tesla! Here, we provide a beautiful and practical gear shift cover to help you. This Tesery gear shift cover can not only protect the gear, but also make your car interior look more luxurious. It is an excellent accessory for Tesla owners! We have black and red gear covers to choose from. You can choose the gear cover of the corresponding color according to your preferences.

They are sized specifically for Model 3 and Model Y shifting

They are sized specifically for Model 3 and Model Y shifting, and can accurately fit Tesla Model 3 and Model Y of all years. This gear shift cover is 3D scanned from the original car and formed in one piece, and every inch can fit closely with the original car's partner device. Therefore, it is very stable after installation, and will not be displaced, shaken or dropped due to the violent shaking of the vehicle. We can see that the gear shift cover is only half, and the back is hollowed out. Moreover, the logo on its surface is consistent with the original car, which does not hinder the use of the original car's shift button, and will not affect the normal shifting operation at all. This gear cover has been tested on multiple Model 3 and Model Y vehicles, so you can buy with confidence.

ABS material, beautiful design, enhance the sense of movement

The Tesery gear shift cover is made of selected ABS plastic material which is durable and resistant to fading and abrasion. It will tightly wrap the whole gear, which can effectively protect your gear from scratch and dirt. As you can see, it has a carbon fiber texture design on its surface, a popular design that makes your Tesla more luxurious and visible, adding even more beauty. While protecting your gear shifts, it adorns your Tesla with a cool design and a special carbon fiber stripe texture that instantly enhances the sporty feel. It's unmatched, both visually and tactilely. The gear cover also adopts an upgraded raised three-dimensional non-slip design, which makes it more convenient and safer for you to use.

Easy installation

Its installation is very simple. It adopts the dual design of embedded and double-sided tape. Just rotate and press it. If you want a stronger fit, you can use the double-sided tape inside. No glue or other tools are required. The whole installation process takes less than 5 minutes. When you take it out, there will be no tape residue left. Therefore, you can install it easily and quickly without worrying about damaging your vehicle.

6 Features

1)Sturdy and durable, not easy to fade and wear

2)Does not affect the steering wheel function

3)Includes 4 pieces, 2 complete covers (left and right handles)

4)Includes required 3M double-sided tape

5)Available in black or red

6)Installation without tools

If you like our Tesla Gear Wiper Cover -Model 3/Y , please add it to your cart, buy it now and we will ship it to any city in the world for free. If you have any questions about our Tesla Gear Wiper Cover -Model 3/Y , you can contact our online customer service, or send us an email

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