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Freshly Baked! The 10 Best Tesla Model 3 Accessories of 2022

by Tesery Tesla on Apr 02, 2022

Whether you're already a proud Tesla Model 3 owner or are still checking prices before taking the leap, here are some Tesla Model 3 accessories to help you maximize your Tesla experience. We've put together a list of must-have, handy, and stylish Tesla Model 3 accessories that current (and future) Model 3 owners should consider. Some simple Tesla Model 3 accessories can greatly improve the driving experience and make life more convenient.

Top 1: Tesla Model 3 Roof Rack

Tesla roof rack is one of the most requested Tesla Model 3 accessories. In addition to being decorative and aesthetic, the Model 3 roof rack accessory can also hold things that don't fit in the luggage compartment. As long as the owner keeps the cargo in place, especially if luggage nets are attached to the cargo, it can carry more than you might expect. Of course, it cannot exceed the designed load-bearing capacity of the roof rack. In fact, the Model 3 roof rack is really not a decoration! Make good use of the roof rack to be able to hold a trunk! With it, you will no longer have to worry about traveling during the holidays, and you can fit as much luggage as you want. The Model 3 roof rack is an important configuration for placing items, and it can be installed on all models to increase storage space. And through the peripheral extension configuration of the roof rack, it can meet different load requirements, such as bicycles, kayaks, roof luggage, skis, etc.

Top 2: 3D Floor Mats

We're Tesla veterans, so one of our top priorities is protecting the resale value of our cars. While Tesla's value has held up remarkably well over time, when the rug is bad, any car loses value in the eyes of potential buyers. Tesla's built-in floor mats aren't great, especially for owners in snow or muddy climates. When it comes to Tesla Model 3 accessories, Model 3 owners would think about Model 3 floor mats first.

These 3D Model 3 floor mats are a great investment that will not only make cleaning your Tesla's floors easier, but will also help you keep your Tesla in pristine condition (always a plus even if you don't plan to sell it) ). Plenty of floor mat options abound, but Tesla's 3D floor mats offer long-term durability and excellent splash protection (as anyone with kids or pets knows, it's only a matter of time before wear and splashes , not whether the problem occurred).

These innovative hybrid-material Model 3 floor mats offer more benefits than original car floor mats. They have a three-layer structure. The thermoplastic rubber TPR surface is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, and provides waterproof protection, and the temperature resistance is 300% higher than that of ordinary PVC; the light XPE foam middle layer absorbs vibration, reduces road noise, and increases passenger comfort; high-quality rice grain anti-slip claws firmly grip Live on the Tesla Model Y/3 floor to keep the mat from sliding and stay safe. We can see that floor mats are the must-have Tesla model 3 accessories.

Tesla floor mats

Top 3: TPE Floor Mats

These TPE floor mats are more environmentally friendly and healthy. TPE is generally an environmentally friendly material used in infant products and can be recycled. In fact, materials like PVC have been banned in some European and American countries; durability is also an advantage that is different from some other mats. TPE floor mats are very resistant to high temperature and low temperature, so there is no deformation and cracking. If it is used normally, 5-6 years is no problem. In addition, cleaning is also very convenient. TPE foot pads are not as cumbersome as silk floor mats, nor as cumbersome as leather foot pads. They are also integrally molded by injection molding, so they are not likely to hide dirt and dirt. It is very convenient and fast to clean and beautiful. And very simple.

Tesla Model 3 accessories
 Top 4: Tesla Model 3 Seat Covers

Tesla seat covers can improve the comfort of the seat cushion, decorate the interior of the car, cool down, and keep warm. After putting on the seat cover, the three-dimensional feeling of the general seat is relatively strong. The specific functions of installing the seat cover: 1. It can make the owner more comfortable during driving. 2. Protect the leather seats. For leather seats, the seat cushion can play a protective role, preventing stains and sharp knives from damaging the leather. 3. Health. Promote blood circulation, eliminate tension and fatigue, and achieve the purpose of health care. There are many types of car seat cushions. Cushions with various functions play different roles. 4. Beautiful. Nowadays, many car seat cushions have new breakthroughs in aesthetics. A good seat cushion will stretch the taste of the entire car, and a poor seat cushion will have the opposite effect. 5. The seat can keep the original leather or flannel, and it will last as new. Therefore, it is also necessary to choose a good seat cushion.

Tesla Model 3 accessories

Top 5: Model 3 Dog Seat Cover

We all know pets are happy and relaxed while traveling in the back seat of our car, but what about the mess they leave behind? That's where the Tesla dog seat cover comes in to keep your back seat clean and dry. Dog seat cover protectors provide comfort for your dog and keep your interior safe from dog scratches, fur and urine. Pet car seat covers are also available for children to protect their back seats from juices and soil.

Tesla Model 3 accessories

Top 6: Model 3 Sunroof Sunshade

For coolness, for a sense of technology, and for watching the stars and the moon, Tesla chose the panoramic roof sun visor. But in summer, it takes a lot of courage to face the sun, so our first recommendation is the sun visor. If you live in the western and southern US, one of the first Tesla accessories you might want to consider are some Model 3 sunroof sunshades. Despite constant improvements to Tesla's HVAC systems, the Model 3 can still be a huge heat sink in places like Arizona or Texas.

Any little thing you can do, like park in the shade and add a visor or heat shield, can help your Tesla battery last a little longer...not to mention make you and your passengers feel like you're on the pavement Go for a ride in summer like a fried egg.

Tesla Model 3 accessories

Top 7: Tesla Car Cover

The car cover can protect the car paint, and can play a better role in protecting the car paint and window glass. The following is the expansion information of the characteristics of a good Tesla car cover: 1. Excellent ductility: Good ductility The damage determines whether the invisible car cover can fit on the body perfectly. 2. Super yellowing resistance: Its super yellowing resistance can keep the car as bright as a new car for a long time, and the warranty period is as long as 10 years.

Tesla car cover

Top 8: Tesla Model 3 Trunk Organizer

The Tesla trunk organizer is a must-have accessory for the Tesla Model 3, otherwise everything in the trunk will roll around while you drive. This car Model 3 trunk organizer is made of high quality, strong and durable materials. It is waterproof and abrasion resistant, which makes this organizer not only durable but also easy to clean. With 3 compartments, each panel is reinforced with a heavy duty rigid base plate. You can organize your Model 3-related stuff, organize important emergency equipment, groceries, children's toys, snacks, and more. Helps keep your luggage super organized.

Tesla Model 3 accessories

Top 9: Model 3 Trunk Dog Cover

Are you still putting up with your pet dog or small child messing up your trunk or seat? Fold down the rear seats and put on the Tesery trunk pet cover, you can put your child or pet on it to play casually. The entire cushion has been meticulously hand-engineered, the entire trunk area of the vehicle and seat back. Therefore the largest possible carpet area will be covered. The main trunk area, the rear seat backrests and the side areas are completely covered. Its main key benefits: Easily clean up spills or wipe up dog hair, help protect the value of your favorite seats; enhance the look of the interior of your vehicle. This Model 3 trunk dog cover is perfect for families with kids and pets.

Tesla Model 3 accessories

Top 10: Tesla Center Console Organizer

The Model 3's center console is nice and deep, which also makes it an item pit without some sort of organizer. There is a lot of space under the cover of the Model 3 armrest box. Just put things directly. If you don’t plan well, it will be very messy. You can buy a special storage box and divide the area. Everything is in order and easy to find. TESERY provides a nicely coordinated slide-out tray for the Model 3 console that keeps smaller items organized while also leaving room for larger items.

That's it for our list of the top 8 Tesla Model 3 accessories! If you're still hesitating to buy Tesla Model 3 accessories or don't know what to buy, be sure to check out this blog!


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