Crazy! The $150 Tesla Giga Texas Belt Buckle Was Robbed as Soon as It Went on Sale

Crazy! The $150 Tesla Giga Texas Belt Buckle Was Robbed as Soon as It Went on Sale

by Tesery Tesla on Dec 17, 2021

There is a very interesting phenomenon: Tesla’s online store often releases some fashionable products, which triggers looting from Tesla fans, such as a Cyberwhistle for $50, a whistle in the style of a Cybertruck electric pickup truck; $1,900 Cyberquad for kids, a children's electric car in the style of Cyberquad all-terrain electric vehicle. These products are often sold out as soon as they go online. This time is no exception. A few days ago, according to media reports, Tesla launched a peripheral product to celebrate the upcoming completion of the Texas Gigafactory-a silver round belt buckle printed with "Don't Mess With" (Don't Mess With Tesla), priced at $150, was quickly sold out after it went online.

The Inspiration for Tesla's Giga Texas Belt Buckle

The Tesla Giga Texas Belt Buckle was inspired by the upcoming Texas super factory, and it was designed to celebrate the completion of the latest super Austin Gigafactory in Texas, USA. This product is made of die-cast zinc and is carved with silver finish. It adopts the same design of the Austin Gigafactory in Texas, USA. This is also the location of Tesla’s new US headquarters, engraved with a star and Tesla’s "T" logo. And the words "Don't Mess With" are also engraved around the stars. For fans, these peripherals are of great collection value, and it also adds to the popularity of Tesla.

Tesla Peripheral Accessories

In addition, the popularity of some other Tesla accessories is also continuing to rise, especially Model 3/Model Y roof racks, Tesla floor mats, and Tesla seat covers. It is understood that more and more Tesla owners tend to buy these high-quality accessories in the Tesery store.

1. Model 3/Model Y Roof Rack Aluminum Cargo Cross Bars


Tesla model y roof rack


2. Waterproof 3D Floor Mats for Tesla Model 3 & Model Y

Tesla floor mats
3. Tesla Seat Cover Full Set Suitable for Tesla Model 3 & Model Y

Tesla seat cover

It can be seen that with the rapid economic development and the continuous improvement of living standards, more and more Tesla owners hope to enjoy life and improve their car experience through these high-quality accessories. They are trying to create their own Tesla lifestyle.


How to View the Prospects of Tesla Giga Texas Belt Buckle?

Our eyes returned to Giga Texas Belt Buckle. It is another Tesla product after the Tesla whistle "CyberWhistle". Compared with the Tesla whistle that sells for $50, the production process of the product has been significantly improved, but the price has also increased by 3 Times. But even so, after this belt buckle went online, it was quickly sold out. If nothing happens, this Tesla belt buckle will soon appear on the second-hand trading platform. By then, its price will increase several times. Let's keep paying attention.

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