Added "Superhorn"! Part of 2022 Tesla Model Y/3 Upgrades Exposed

Added "Superhorn"! Part of 2022 Tesla Model Y/3 Upgrades Exposed

by Tesery Tesla on Dec 18, 2021

This year, Tesla has made a lot of money. Recently, overseas media exposed the sales data of luxury car brands in the US market from January to September 2021. BMW once again won the championship with a total of 259,237 registered vehicles. In second place is Lexus, with a total of 245,864 registered vehicles. Surprisingly, Tesla's total registration volume is 230,855, surpassing Mercedes-Benz's 213,708 to rank third.

Tesla model y roof rack

2022 Tesla Model Y/3 Partial Upgrades Exposed

Excitingly, someone in the Tesla forum discovered that Tesla had leaked some of the new designs and new features of the Model 3 and Model Y of the 2022 model in the testing procedures of the European authorities. According to the leaked information, many new configurations will be added to the Model 3 and Model Y of the 2022 model!

Although Tesla has not officially updated or launched the new Model Y and Model 3 recently, Tesla has been upgrading its vehicles through OTA. According to previous practices, Tesla will mostly choose to push related new firmware around the end of the year. With the establishment of Tesla's super factories all over the world, the new functions and new battery packs used in some regional models will gradually be promoted globally. According to reports from the media, Tesla may plan to update Model 3 and Model Y in 2022. Because it has discovered some new features on some test vehicles in Europe, and these features have not yet been applied to mass-produced models around the world.

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Tesla Uses the Higher Version of the Configuration to Low-end Products

Although these improvements are only minor differences, there are also some obvious and surprising changes in the 2022 new car. For example, Tesla replaced the 2022 Model 3 and Model Y 12-volt batteries with lithium batteries. Tesla's more advanced versions of Model S and Model X have already adopted this configuration, which means that Tesla has used the higher version of the configuration for low-end products! Earlier, electrek reported that Tesla has used AMD Ryzen chips in the Model Y Performance version produced in China, which has brought impressive performance. It now appears that this chip will also come to Model 3, and the first to go online should also be the Model 3 Performance version. In addition, the double-glazed glass that Tesla replaced for the Model 3 front window at the beginning of the year will also be installed on the rear window, which will make the car's NVH performance a significant improvement. Finally, Tesla will also provide a "Superhorn" function for the new version of the model, which is quite eye-catching. It will combine multiple functions such as speakers, siren, and external speakers, and can even play recorded audio to alert passersby.

Tesla model y

Modification And Upgrade of Tesla Accessories!

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the configuration upgrades of Model Y and Model 3 have also led to the modification and upgrade of some Tesla accessories. In particular, the high-end Tesla roof rack dedicated to Tesla has won the hearts of Tesla owners with its high-end, cool appearance and super load-bearing capacity. After installing the aluminum alloy Tesla roof rack on the Model Y or Model 3 roof, it not only modifies the bare roof, increases the sense of fashion, but also greatly expands the storage space of the car. Therefore, more and more Tesla owners go to the Tesla accessory platforms to buy Model 3/Model Y roof rack.

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From the perspective of market trends, with the upgrade of the 2022 Tesla Model Y/3, the sales of these two models will only increase and not decrease. According to relevant statistics, Tesla is the number one brand in monthly sales in Spain, Denmark and other European countries. This is enough to explain that electric car companies, especially electric car companies headed by Tesla, are promoting the automotive industry change! How many surprises will Tesla bring to fans in the future? let us wait and see!




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